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Dilan 1990
Poster dilan.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byFajar Bustomi
Pidi Baiq
Produced byOdy Mulya Hidayat
Written byPidi Baiq
Titien Wattimena
Based onDilan: Dia adalah Dilanku Tahun 1990 by Pidi Baiq
Narrated bySissy Priscillia
Music byAndhika Triyadi
CinematographyDimas Imam Subhono
Edited byRyan Purwoko
Falcon Pictures
Maxima Pictures
Distributed byFalcon Pictures
Release date
25 January 2018
Budget≈IDR11 billion
Box office≈IDR250 billion

Dilan 1990 is a 2018 Indonesian romantic drama film. The film is based on the novel Dilan: Dia adalah Dilanku Tahun 1990 (Dilan: He is My 1990 Dilan) by Pidi Baiq.[1][2][3][4] The film stars Iqbaal Ramadhan and Vanesha Prescilla as the main roles,[5][6] with some high-profile names in supporting, minor, or cameo roles; Farhan, Happy Salma, Adhisty Zara of idol group JKT48, and Ridwan Kamil, the then-Mayor of Bandung for instance. The film has been watched by 6,311,490 people, and is the best-selling Indonesian film of 2018 and the second best-selling Indonesian film of all time, just behind Warkop DKI Reborn: Jangkrik Boss! Part 1 with 6,858,616 viewers.[7]

The film is followed by an upcoming sequel, Dilan 1991, which was released on 28 February 2019.


In 1990, Milea, her sister Airin, and their parents move from Jakarta to Bandung. Her father is an Army officer. On her way to the school, he met Dilan, a bad boy and motorbike gang chief, who confidently says she will sit on his bike and he will be her boyfriend. Dilan starts to seduce her by coming to her house, calling to her house from payphone, and sending her gifts with romantic means; including a filled crossword puzzle book, as he says "so you would not be bother to think the answers". At the other hand, Milea has a boyfriend named Benni back in Jakarta. However, she is uncomfortable with him since he is rude and foul-mouthed. Despite Dilan's frequent overconfident movements, which initially made Nandan – her close friend who is in love with her – uncomfortable, Milea starts to develop feelings for him.

During a visit to TVRI in Jakarta as quiz contestants, Milea and Nandan, who are left for a while by their friend, encounter with Benni, who ferociously beat the hell out of him as Benni thinks Nandan will snatch his girlfriend. Amid the heated situation, Benni accuses Milea as a coquettish girl. She dumps Benni, for which he calls Milea a whore. Despite his effort to apologize, she rejects to his proposal to become couple again. Once again, Benni calls her devil and whore. Dilan and Milea get closer and closer, despite no love declaration has been made. They ride his motorbike to go home, occasionally hold hands, and phone to each other in the night. So close that Milea succeeds in persuading Dilan not to involve in gang fights anymore.

Milea develops a good relationship with Dilan's mother. One day, she is shown his messy bedroom by his mother, during which she is shown poems Dilan made for her.

Milea faces Kang Adi, her and Airin's personal tutor, who is apparently in love with her. He even takes her to see the university he is enrolling in, the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). When he learns that Milea goes to the ITB with Kang Adi, he writes a disappointment letter, much to her despair. She searches him at the school, only to meet the drunken Anhar, one of Dilan's gang member, who slaps her. Knowing this, Dilan beats Anhar hard. Later that day, Dilan and Milea officially become boyfriend and girlfriend.



Year Award Category Recipient(s) and nominee(s) Result
2018 Indonesian Choice Awards 2018 Movie of the Year Dilan 1990 Won
Indonesian Movie Actors Awards 2018 Most Favored Film Dilan 1990 Won
Most Favored Newcomer Vanesha Prescilla Won
Most Favored Couple Iqbaal Ramadhan & Vanesha Prescilla Won
SCTV Awards 2018 Big Screen Movie Dilan 1990 Won


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