Dilawar Cheema

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Dilawar Cheema
Dilawar Cheema is located in Pakistan
Dilawar Cheema
Dilawar Cheema
Coordinates: 32°20′10″N 73°56′17″E / 32.3360336°N 73.9379454°E / 32.3360336; 73.9379454Coordinates: 32°20′10″N 73°56′17″E / 32.3360336°N 73.9379454°E / 32.3360336; 73.9379454
Country Pakistan
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)

Dilawar Cheema (Punjabi, Urdu: دلاور چيمه‎) is a medium town in Tehsil Wazirabad, District Gujranwala,[1] Punjab, Pakistan. It is located in a central area between Ali Pur Chatta, Wazirabad and Gujranwala.[2] It is also one of the well known Union Councils in District. Gujranwala.


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