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Not to be confused with the unrelated musical album Dilettantes.
Studio album by Ali Project
Released June 6, 2005
Label Tokuma Japan Communications
Ali Project chronology
Kamigami no Tasogare

Dilettante is Ali Project's twelfth album. The album includes "Chinkon Shou", the B-side from their single for "Code Geass". The album reached #116 on the Japanese Oricon chart, and charted for 1 week, selling 2,192 copies.

Track list[edit]

# Track Name Romaji
01 愛と誠 Ai to Makoto (Love and Truth)
02 人生美味礼讃 Jinsei Bimi Raisan (Praise of Delicacy of Human Life)
03 肉体の悪魔 Nikutai no Akuma (Demons of the Flesh)
04 緋紅的牡丹 Hibotan, Fei Hong De Mu Dan (Scarlet peony)
05 ディレッタントの秘かな愉しみ Dilettante no Hisoka na Tanoshimi (The Secret Pleasures of a Dilettante)
06 昭和恋々幻燈館 Shouwa Renren Gentoukan (Shouwa Magic Lantern Mansion)
07 密猟区 Mitsuryouku (Poaching District)
08 北京LOVERS Pekin Lovers (Beijing LOVERS)
09 鎮魂頌 Chinkonshou (Eulogy for the Repose of Souls)
10 柔らかな肌 Yawaraka na Hada (instrument) (Soft Skin)