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Dilla is located in Somaliland
Location in Somaliland.
Coordinates: 9°46′41.8″N 43°20′47.6″E / 9.778278°N 43.346556°E / 9.778278; 43.346556Coordinates: 9°46′41.8″N 43°20′47.6″E / 9.778278°N 43.346556°E / 9.778278; 43.346556
Country  Somaliland
Region Awdal
District Baki
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)
Climate BSh

Dilla is a town located in the western Awdal region of Somaliland. It is bordered between to 2 cities. Borama and Kalabaydh.


There is no census on the town population, but the district of Dilla has a population of 96,885 people.[1] The town is exclusively inhabited by the Mohamuud Nuur, one of the two sub divisions of Reer Nuur, a clan of the Makahiil Gadabursi.[2] It is considered an ancestral home of the Gadabursi people [3]


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