Dillwyn Correctional Center

Coordinates: 37°34′22″N 78°28′16″W / 37.572796°N 78.471131°W / 37.572796; -78.471131
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Dillwyn Correctional Center
Location1522 Prison Road
Dillwyn, Virginia
Security class2
Managed byVirginia Department of Corrections
WardenDana Ratliffe-Walker

The Dillwyn Correctional Center is a state prison for men located in Dillwyn, Buckingham County, Virginia, United States. It is owned and operated by the Virginia Department of Corrections.[1]

The facility was opened in 1993 and has a daily working population of 1106 inmates, held at a range of security levels. The state's Buckingham Correctional Center is nearby. Dillwyn Correctional center specializes in parole violators and also has a Metal shop.


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37°34′22″N 78°28′16″W / 37.572796°N 78.471131°W / 37.572796; -78.471131