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Dimagi, Inc.
C Corporation, Benefit Corporation
HeadquartersCambridge, Massachusetts
Key people
Jonathan Jackson (CEO, Co-Founder)
Vikram Kumar (CMO, Co-Founder)
Neal Lesh (CSO)
Carter Powers (COO)
Clayton Sims (CTO)
Lucina Tse (Chief Engineering Officer)
ProductsCommCare (www.commcarehq.org)
Number of employees

Dimagi, Inc. is a for- profit social enterprise based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, that delivers open-source software technology suitable for low-resource settings and underserved communities.[1] The company designs clinical interfaces, health information systems, and mobile technologies to perform patient-level disease management, clinical decision support, and health system monitoring.[2] It also provides implementation services on open-source information and technology.[3] Dimagi became a certified B corporation in 2008 and an incorporated benefit corporation in 2012.[4] Dimagi has additional offices in New Delhi, India, Cape Town, South Africa, Maputo, Mozambique, and Dakar, Senegal.[5]

Software Products[edit]


CommCare is an open source mobile platform designed for data collection, client management, decision support, and behavior change communication.[6] CommCare consists of two main technology components: CommCare Mobile and CommCareHQ. The mobile application is used by client-facing community health workers in visits as a data collection and educational tool and includes optional audio, image, and video prompts.[7] Users access the application-building platform through the website which Dimagi operates on a cloud-based server.[8]

CommCare supports J2ME feature phones, Android phones, and Android tablets and can capture photos and GPS readings.[9] CommCare supports multi-languages and non-roman character scripts as well as the integration of multimedia (image, audio, and video).[10] CommCare mobile versions allow applications to run offline and collected data can be transmitted to CommCareHQ when wireless (GPRS) or Internet (WI-FI) connectivity becomes available.[11] CommCare also supports SMS, including, supports two-way messaging, broadcast messages, and reminders that are scheduled for each end user based on configurable data elements such as date of signup or language preference.

In 2012, the United States Agency for International Development Development Innovation Venture funded Dimagi to expand CommCare in India to 50 new programs in health and social sectors.[12] Since then, Dimagi has opened two Requests for Applications, with its latest targeting organizations operating in Francophone West Africa.[13] As of 2013, CommCare has been used in over 100 projects spanning 35 countries.[14]

CommCare and CommCareHQ are released under the Apache v2.0 and BSD Licenses, respectively. The CommCare application is built on OpenRosa standard tools and protocols, and leverages many different open-source technologies. Protocols are represented using XForms a W3C backed standard approach to more advanced forms that support nested and repeatable elements, decision support, advanced validation, and extensive user interface controls.


CommCareHQ is an online web portal for mobile application management, reporting, and building forms. Data submitted using CommCare's mobile applications is transmitted to CommCareHQ.[15] Users must create an account on CommCareHQ to customize a CommCare mobile application for new projects, and download the application onto their phones.[16] Registered users may log into the mobile application to submit data in real-time to CommCareHQ and to program managers through basic reporting features and data exports.

CommCare Exchange[edit]

CommCare Exchange is a mobile application store that allows individuals or organizations to access pre-built applications from existing mHealth projects. CommCare Exchange hosts mobile applications built by implemetating partners in the areas of maternal and child health projects, e-Learning, and agriculture.[17] Dimagi describes CommCare Exchange as "an open-source app store where participants can share their innovative ideas on, thereby making sure the best ideas can rapidly replicate across the CommCare community." [18]

CommCare Supply[edit]

CommCare Supply is an open-source tool designed to strengthen logistics management through the use of mobile technology.[19] CommCare Supply's purpose is to support health workers in resource-poor settings manage commodities and improve the performance of new and existing supply chains.[20]

In partnership with John Snow, Inc., CommCare Supply is currently being used in Tanzania (where it is known as "ILSGateway"), Ghana ("Early Warning System"), and Malawi ("cStock").[21] CommCare Supply is in use in over 2,300 facilities in Tanzania.[22] In Malawi, SMS reports are used directly to calculate 1,500 community health workers' just-in-time stock needs as part of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-funded John Snow Research and Training Institute's Improving Supply Chains for Community Case Management initiative.[23]


Since its founding, Dimagi has collaborated with more than 150 partners around the world.[24]

In 2007, D-Tree International partnered with Dimagi to evaluate whether the use of an electronic job aid on a mobile device improved adherence to the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness protocols in Tanzania.[25]

In 2011, Dimagi joined the Business Call to Action Initiative.[26]

In February 2012, Dimagi and the Grameen Foundation partnered with CARE through the Mobile Technology for Community Health (MOTECH) Platform Initiative in Bihar, India.[27] Later in 2012, Dimagi partnered with the CORE Group, a global health membership organization, to establish the CommCare Learning Collaborative to support non-governmental organizations address maternal and child health issues.[28]

In 2013, Novartis partnered with Dimagi in an effort to eliminate rheumatic heart disease in Zambia.[29]


Dimagi has participated in research for information and communications technology platforms and healthcare delivery in under-served populations, both domestically and abroad.[30] Dimagi has published 15 peer-reviewed papers about its mobile health platform CommCare.[31]


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