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Dimash Kudaibergen
Dimash in Universal Show (2019-08-11-18-44-18).jpg
Dimash in 2019
Background information
Birth nameDinmukhammed Kanatuly Kudaibergen (Kazakh: Дінмұхаммед Қанатұлы Құдайберген)
Also known asDimash Qudaibergen (Димаш Құдайберген), Dimash Kudaibergenov, (Russian: Димаш Кудайбергенов), 迪玛希 (Chinese: Di Ma Xi)
Born (1994-05-24) 24 May 1994 (age 25)
Aktobe, Kazakhstan
GenresPop, classical crossover, folk, world, operatic pop
Occupation(s)Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist
InstrumentsVocals, piano, dombra, drums
Years active2010 – present

Dinmukhammed Kanatuly Kudaibergen (Kazakh: Дінмұхаммед Қанатұлы Құдайберген; born on 24 May 1994) is a Kazakh singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He is university trained in classical as well as in contemporary music and is known for his wide vocal range of 6 octaves.[1] He has performed songs in twelve different languages.[2]

Dimash's vocal range in 2019

Although offered a position at Astana Opera, he decided to carve out his career in contemporary music, incorporating classical elements and traditional Kazakh music with pop music.[3]

He gained significant popularity in Kazakhstan and other post-Soviet countries in 2015 upon becoming the Grand Prix winner of Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk, Belarus. He rose to fame in China with his participation as a "wildcard competitor" in Hunan TV's Singer 2017 (Chinese: 歌手2017).

Early life[edit]

Dinmukhamed ("Dimash") Kanatuly Kudaibergen was born on 24 May 1994 in Aktobe, to Kanat Kudaibergenuly Aitbayev (Kazakh: Қанат Құдайбергенұлы Айтбаев) and Svetlana Aitbayeva (Kazakh: Светлана Айтбаева).[4] His father Kanat Aitbayev previously led the regional Cultural Development Board of Aktobe.[5] His mother Svetlana Aitbayeva is a soprano singer at the Aktobe Philharmonic Society,[6] a Member of the Standing Committee on Social and Cultural Development (Deputy of Maslihat of Aktobe region) and Artistic Director of the children's studio Saz in the Aktobe region.[7]

Kudaibergen was brought up in a close-knit musical family, and his grandparents played a major role in his upbringing, which follows traditional Kazakh custom.[8][9]

Kudaibergen began performing at a young age, singing and playing the piano. His first appearance on the stage, as a performer, was at the age of two in a minor role in a local theatre production. At home Kudaibergen took an interest in musical instruments, and his parents noticed that he had absolute pitch.[10] At the age of five, he began to take piano and vocal lessons at the children's studio of the local music college.[11] Kudaibergen first sang on stage the same year, at the age of five.[4] At the age of six, in 2000, he won the national piano contest Aynalayin.[4]


At the age of five, Kudaibergen began to take piano and vocal lessons at the children's studio of Aktobe's Akhmet Zhubanov Music College.[12][13] He later attended Gymnasium No. 32 in Aktobe.[14] Kudaibergen completed a Broadway Musical master class in 2009.[15] In 2014 he graduated in Classical Music from the music department of K. Zhubanov University in Aktobe[16] and began his studies in contemporary music (Jazz, Pop) at Kazakh National University of Arts in Astana where he graduated on 27 June 2018 with Major in Vocal.[17] He is currently taking his Masters in Composing, with the University.[18]

Kudaibergen speaks Kazakh and Russian, and is studying English and Mandarin.


2010–2014: Early career[edit]

From 2010 to 2013 Kudaibergen participated in several singing contests, winning four major competitions, in Kazakhstan (Sonorous Voices of Baikonur, 2010 and Zhas Kanat, 2012), Ukraine (Oriental Bazaar, 2012), and Kyrgyzstan (Makin Asia, 2013).[4][19]

In 2013 he was invited to perform as a guest singer at the Türkçevizyon Gala Night in Denizli, Turkey. During this time he released the music he composed for two of his future hit songs, "Körkemim" (Kazakh: Көркемім) and "Unforgettable Day". "Körkemim" lyrics was written by his father. "Unforgettable Day" is based on a poem by Oral Baisengir. Kudaibergen continued to perform in public, including at a concert held for Teacher's Day.

On 30 December 2014, Kudaibergen was awarded a laureate of the State Youth Prize Daryn.[20]

2015–2016: Slavianski Bazaar, international performances and Unforgettable Day tour[edit]

Following his graduation, Kudaibergen performed in various European and Asian countries. In 2015, he was invited to Vitebsk, Belarus to participate in the Slavianski Bazaar, an annual international contest for prominent singers, after one of the organizers had seen him perform live in Kazakhstan.[21] Kudaibergen went on to win the Grand Prix prize on 13 July 2015, with a score of 175 out of 180.[22] Over the three days of the contest, he was the clear favorite, impressing the jury and audience.[23][24][3] His unique voice and vocal range displayed in his original renditions of Kazakh folk song "Daididau", Russian singer Alla Pugacheva's "Blizzard Again" (Russian: Опять Метель) and French singer Daniel Balavoine’s "SOS d'un terrien en détresse", received praise from the jury and media.[25][3] Chairman of the jury, Polad Bülbüloğlu, stated that Kudaibergen possessed three voices in one: low and medium timbres, and altino, a rare voice, and that he used all of them professionally.[26]

After the event Kudaibergen stated that winning Slavianski Bazaar was a great honour,[27] and stressed the importance of supporting young singers, stating that without support, one cannot accomplish much with talent alone.[21] Upon winning Slavianski Bazaar, Kudaibergen regularly appeared in local TV shows and public events. His guest performances included at Makin Asia 2015; at Expo 2015 in Milan, Italy, together with other renowned singers from Kazakhstan;[28] at the theatrical show Mangilik El, dedicated to the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate; and at the 2015 Eurasia International Film Festival in Almaty. Kudaibergen released his song "Unforgettable Day" in August 2015. He also sang at Astana Opera in front of Chinese President Xi Jinping during a state visit to Kazakhstan.[29]

In October 2015, Kudaibergen was selected to represent Kazakhstan at the 2015 ABU TV Song Festival, in Istanbul, Turkey, as a high-profile musical talent. He shared the stage with famed musical artists from Asian countries.[30] Kudaibergen performed "Daididau", receiving a standing ovation.[31] In November, Kudaibergen performed at the closing ceremony of MaryCulture and Arts Capital of the Turkic World festival, in Turkmenistan.[32] On 28 December 2015, he was awarded "Singer of the Year" at the People of the Year awards ceremony, which was determined by public voting.[33]

Kudaibergen released his self-titled debut extended play (EP) on 1 January 2016, and also released a music video for "Ayaz qıraw" (Kazakh: Аяз қырау), his Kazakh version of the Russian song "Opyat Metel" (Russian: опять метель). On 22 January, at the 2016 People's Favorite award ceremony, in Astana, Kazakhstan, Kudaibergen won the "Pop Artist" award.[34][35] Around the same time, he appeared on various TV shows singing a duet with acclaimed opera singer Maira Mukhamedkyzy, a song written for them, "My Swan" (Kazakh: Аққуым), which they had recorded on 9 December 2015.[36] In February 2016, "Daididau" was selected for Musical Caravan, an 80-minute global song journey played by radio stations around the world.[37][38] In February he also presented his new song "Tugan Zher" (Kazakh: Туған жер; My Homeland) for the first time, at composer and godfather Lupkan Zholdasov's concert.[38] Kudaibergen sang with his parents at the Women's Day concert in Astana, and performed at a charity concert in Astana, named 100 Grandfathers and Grandmothers.[39] On 8 March 2016, Kudaibergen took part in a concert dedicated to International Women's Day, at the Kremlin Palace in Moscow. The concert was named All Stars for My Beloved, and featured eminent Russian singers. Kudaibergen was invited for his win at Slavianski Bazaar.[40] On 26 March, he presented his cover of the song "Karagim Ay" (Kazakh: Қарағым ай).[41] In March and April, he went on tour with the Kazakh University of Arts Symphony Orchestra in Vienna, Austria; Maribor, Slovenia; and Belgrade, Serbia. He performed "SOS d'un terrien en détresse".[42]

In April 2016, Kudaibergen started his first headlined tour, which ran from April to December 2016, holding 25 concerts in 25 regions of Kazakhstan,[43] in celebration of the 25th anniversary of independence of Kazakhstan, as well as two concerts in Kazan[44] and Ufa,[45] Russia. He named his tour Unforgettable Day, after his own song by the same name.[46] His parents featured as guests on his tour, with whom he sang. His repertoire leading up to the tour and on the tour consisted of a wide variety of songs in various languages, including "SOS d’un terrien en détresse", "The Diva Dance" (from the movie The Fifth Element), "Adagio", "Opyat Metel" (Russian: Опять метель), "Karatorgay" (Kazakh: Қараторғай), "I Only Love You" (Ukrainian: я люблю тільки тебе), "Karagim Ay" (Kazakh: Қарағым ай), "Kirmeshi Zhiyi Tusime" (Kazakh: Кірмеші жиі түсіме), "Kinalama" (Kazakh: Кінәләма) and "Belovezhskaya Puscha" (Russian: Беловежская пуща). Kudaibergen's own songs performed during this time included "Unforgettable Day", "Korkemim" (Kazakh: Көркемім), "Tugan Zher" (Kazakh: Туған жер), and Kudaibergen's original rendition of the Kazakh folk song "Daididau" (Kazakh: Дайдидау).

During this time Kudaibergen continued to appear as a guest singer at various other events, including a guest performance at a concert in Kyrgyzstan, and at the "Zhas Khanat" Contest 2016.[47] In July 2016, at an Astana Day Concert, that was attended by the President of Kazakhstan, he performed the song "Diva Dance".[48]

In July 2016, he was invited to perform at the Slavianski Bazaar closing ceremony in Belarus, where he sang "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" as a duet with Nagima Eskalieva. He was also honored to raise the flag of the festival.[49] Over the course of the next few months Kudaibergen served as a judge at Bala Dauysy 2016 (Voice of Children 2016), at the qualifying rounds in Kostanay Region of Kazakhstan.[50] In 2016, he also collaborated on a rap song with Yerbolat and Alashuly, "I’m a Kazakh". They performed "I’m a Kazakh" together at Almaty's 1000th Birthday gala concert in September.[51] In the same month, he performed "Daididau" at the Kremlin Palace in Moscow, Russia, as part of the concert Astana – Heart of Eurasia.[52] In October 2016, Kudaibergen performed at a UNESCO event in Paris, France.[53] In November he sang in a concert at the Turkic Culture Festival in Seoul, South Korea, performing for the presidents of South Korea, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan.[54][55] In the same month, he represented Kazakhstan, alongside Sundet Baigozhin, as guest singers at the Big Opera 2016 TV competition in Russia.[56]

In November 2016, the director of Astana Opera State Theatre, Toleubek Alpiyev, invited Kudaibergen to work as an opera singer, stating that he had the rarest voice and that they would be pleased to work with him.[3] The rector of the Kazakh National University of Arts, Aiman Mussakhajayeva, tried to convince him to accept the offer and to choose a career in opera. However, he replied that he had chosen to pursue a career in contemporary music, and wanted to experiment with his vocal range in pop music.[57]

In the end of 2016, he received the State Grant by the President of Kazakhstan for Leadership in the Field of Culture 2016.[58]

2017: Singer and success in China[edit]

In late 2016, Kudaibergen participated in the fifth season (broadcast weekly from 21 January to 22 April 2017) of Hunan Television's I Am a Singer under the recommendation of director Hong Tao. Prior to the premiere, Hong invited Kudaibergen to Changsha, China, for audition, and was impressed with his voice, musicality and potential to become a star. Kudaibergen then signed a contract with Black Gold Talent in Beijing, securing one of eight first-round singers that will be participating for the season.[59][60] At 22, he was the youngest participant in the history of the show, and competed against professional and top-selling Chinese singers as a ‘wildcard’ competitor.[61] Kudaibergen's mother later said that he hoped to reach at least the middle stage of the competition.[62]

He won Episodes 1, 2 and 6, with his performances of "S.O.S d’un terrien en détresse", "Opera 2", and "Adagio", respectively.[63] He eventually made it to the finals, and finished as runner-up to Hong Kong singer Sandy Lam.

Singer 2017 – Ranking of Dimash Kudaibergen
Episode Round Broadcast date Song title Original singer Song introduction Ranking Percentages of votes Remarks
1 Qualifier Round 1 21 January 2017 "A Soul's Plea for Help"
(French: SOS d'un terrien en détresse)
Daniel Balavoine Lyrics: Luc Plamondon
Composer: Michel Berger
Arranger: Kubert Leung
1 27.00% 1st place in Singer voting
2 Knockout Round 1 28 January 2017 "Opera 2"
(Russian: Опера 2)[64]
Vitas Lyrics: Vitas, V. Borovsky
Composer: Vitas
Arranger: Da Ridan
1 24.36% 1st place in Overall
3 Challenge Round 1 4 February 2017 "The Show Must Go On"[65] Queen Lyrics: Brian May
Composer: Queen
Arranger: Erlan Bekchurin
3 14.82%
4 Knockout Round 2 11 February 2017 "Late Autumn"
(Chinese: 秋意浓)[66]
Jacky Cheung Lyrics: Daryl Yao [zh]
Composer: Kōji Tamaki
Arranger: Samal Ermakhanov
3 15.56% 2nd place in Overall ranking
5 Challenge Round 2 18 February 2017 "Uptown Funk"[67] Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars Lyrics/Composer: Devon Christopher Gallaspy, Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars, Nicholas Williams, Philip Martin Lawrence II, Jeff Bhasker
Arranger: Kid
6 11.64%
6 Knockout Round 3 25 February 2017 "Adagio" (English)[68] Lara Fabian Lyrics/Composer: Remo Giazotto, Rick Allison, Lara Fabian, Dave Pickell
Arranger: Erlan Bekchurin
1 23.88% 2nd place in Overall ranking
7 Qualifier Round 3 4 March 2017 "Daididau"
(Kazakh: Дайдидау)[69]
Unknown Lyrics: Мағжан Жұмабаев Composer: Unknown
Arranger: Erlan Bekchurrin, Bakytbek Zeinelov
3 17.30%
8 Knockout Round 4 11 March 2017 "Daybreak"
(Chinese: 天亮了)[70]
Han Hong Lyrics/Composer: Han Hong
Arranger: Erlan Bekchurrin
5 9.79% 5th place in Overall ranking
9 Challenge Round 4 18 March 2017 "All by Myself"[71] Eric Carmen Lyrics: Eric Carmen
Composer: Eric Carmen, Sergei Rachmaninoff
Arranger: Erlan Bekchurrin
2 17.63%
10 Knockout Round 5 25 March 2017 "Unforgettable Day"
(Kazakh: Ұмытылмас күн)[72]
Dimash Kudaibergen Lyrics: Oral Baisengir (Kazakh)
Composer: Dimash Kudaibergen
Arranger: Erlan Bekchurrin
3 16.71% 1st place in Overall ranking
Lyrics: Kaysha Tabarakkyzy (Mandarin)
Composer: Dimash Kudaibergen
Arranger: Erlan Bekchurrin
11 Breakout Round 1 April 2017 Exempted (did not perform this week by-virtue of being first-round singer)
12 Semi-finals 8 April 2017 "Confessa" (Italian)[73] Adriano Celentano Lyrics: Mogol (Italian)
Composer: Gianni Bella
Arranger: Erlan Bekchurrin
2 19.35%
Lyrics: Tang Tian (Mandarin)
Composer: Gianni Bella
Arranger: Erlan Bekchurrin
"The Diva Dance" Inva Mula Tchako Composer: Éric Serra
Arranger: Erlan Bekchurrin
13 Grand Finals 15 April 2017 "A Tribute to MJ" medley[74] Arranger: Erlan Bekchurrin, Chen Di 2 17.59% Backup Singer is Shang Wenjie (a.k.a. Laure Shang)
2nd place Overall ranking of semi-final and finals (and runner-up of Singer 2017)
Percentage of combined votes is 18.47%
"The Way You Make Me Feel" Michael Jackson Lyrics/Composer: Michael Jackson
"Billie Jean"
"Dangerous" Lyrics/Composer: Michael Jackson
Bill Bottrell
Teddy Riley
"Earth Song" Lyrics/Composer: Michael Jackson
14 2017 Biennial Concert 22 April 2017 "Give Me Love" (Kazakh: Маxаббат Бер Маған) Dimash Kudaibergen Lyrics: Munaydar Balmolda
Composer: Аigül Bajanova
Arranger: Erlan Bekchurrin

Episode 1 of Singer 2017 was recorded on 10 January 2017 and premiered on Hunan TV on 21 January 2017. Kudaibergen sang "SOS d'un terrien en détresse". His name instantly became prominent in social media and mass media. Kudaibergen's success also made headlines in the media in Kazakhstan. French media took notice, too, and C8 TV Channel interviewed Claire Balavoine, sister of late Daniel Balavoine, the original singer of "SOS d'un terrien en détresse". She was touched by Kudaibergen's similar musicality to her brother and his heartfelt interpretation. In a separate French TV program, Échos du monde – La Chine à l’heure des télé-crochets, Kudaibergen's rise to fame in China, upon singing a French song, was discussed.

Kudaibergen won Episode 2, with his version of Vitas’ "Opera 2",[64] and came in third in Episode 3 with his rendition of Queen’s "The Show Must Go On".[65] The media in Kazakhstan promptly informed the public of news of Kudaibergen, and Hunan TV named him a bridge for Kazakh-Chinese cultural cooperation.[75] Between the recordings of episodes 3 and 4 of Singer, Kudaibergen flew to Almaty, Kazakhstan to perform in the 2017 Winter Universiade opening ceremony, on 29 January. He sang Sarah Brightman’s "A Question of Honor" with Zarina Altynbayeva. He performed his first ever Mandarin song, "Late Autumn" (Chinese: 秋意浓) in Episode 4 and ranked 3rd.[66] During the broadcast of Episode 4, Kudaibergen's meeting with Jackie Chan, his childhood idol, was shown.[76][77] Kudaibergen won Episode 6 with his rendition of Lara Fabian’s "Adagio" (English version).[68] Lara Fabian herself was so impressed with his performance that she congratulated him on her official Facebook page.[78]

For Episode 7, Kudaibergen decided to perform the traditional Kazakh folk song "Daididau".[69] In an interview, his mother stated that it was his childhood dream to perform a traditional Kazakh song in a world-class competition.[79] He flew to Astana to recruit his classmates from Kazakh National University of Arts to play traditional Kazakh instruments for his performance. Tailored costumes (shapan) were made in Kazakhstan with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan.[80][81] Kudaibergen started the performance by playing the dombra as an intro, playing a traditional piece named "Aday" (Kazakh: Адай күйі) and then sang "Daididau" accompanied by his classmates. He came in third. His performance of "Daididau" was received positively and sparked interest in Kazakh music and culture in China. Kudaibergen later said in an interview that this gave him the opportunity to "make sure once again that music knows no boundaries".[82] After the broadcast of Episode 7, a documentary was aired on Hunan TV, in which Song Ke, CEO of Alibaba Planet – music platform of Chinese net giant Alibaba – said of Kudaibergen: "‘Dimash’ sounds like a soccer player's name. I don't know where he comes from. Definitely, he is a marvelous singer. His voice is the most exquisite, impressive, which can transcend gender, language and border. This is the basic essence of music. This dark horse is just so unexpected!"[83]

Kudaibergen sang his own song, "Unforgettable Day", for Episode 10.[72] He had a section of the lyrics translated into Mandarin for his Singer performance. He came in third place. His performances from Singer were prominent in the Fresh Asia music chart, and "Unforgettable Day" topped the chart. On 27 March, Kudaibergen won "Best Asian Singer" at the Chinese Top Ten Music Awards in Shanghai, China. He performed "SOS d'un terrien en détresse".[78][84] On 5 April, he released his first Chinese single "Eternal Memory" (Chinese: 拿不走的记忆), theme song of the movie Battle of Memories (Chinese: 记忆大师).[85] "Eternal Memories" reached number one on the iTunes QQ chart the day of release.

In Episode 12 of Singer, the semi-final, Kudaibergen sang Adriano Celentano's "Confessa" in Italian followed by "The Diva Dance" and placed second and was promoted to the final.[73] On 9 April, he won "Most Popular International Singer" at the Top Chinese Music Awards in Shenzhen, China, which are considered to be the Asian equivalent to the Grammy Awards.[86][87] He performed "Unforgettable Day" accompanied by Ouyang Nana on the piano. On 12 April, he released his single "Go Go Power Rangers", soundtrack for the movie Power Rangers in China.[88] In the final of Singer 2017, Kudaibergen sang a duet "A Tribute to MJ" with Chinese singer Laure Shang.[74] He finished Singer 2017 as the runner-up.[89]

Two days after the final, he joined his fellow artists of Kazakhstan and took part in the Bright Silk Road Concert held by the Embassy of Kazakhstan and China's Department of Culture, in Beijing. For the final episode of Singer 2017, Episode 14, the gala episode, Kudaibergen performed a new song in Kazakh, "Give Me Love" (Kazakh: Маxаббат Бер Маған; Makhabbat Ber Magan).[90] In an interview he expressed his desire to continue competing in Singer.[61] During and after Singer, Kudaibergen appeared on various TV programs in China, including My Boyfriend's A Superstar/Fan Fan Boyfriend (a game show where he played the role of a boyfriend), and Come Sing With Me (where fans were selected to sing with their idol). Upon returning to Kazakhstan after the completion of Singer 2017, he was welcomed with a congratulatory event in Central Concert Hall "Kazakhstan" in Astana.[91]

2017: Bastau concert and international tours[edit]

Following Singer 2017, Kudaibergen appeared and performed on numerous TV shows and public events in China, Kazakhstan and France. His single "Eternal Memories" (Chinese: 拿不走的记忆), the theme song for the film Battle of Memories, reached number one on the iTunes QQ chart on the day of release.[92]

On 3 March 2017, Kudaibergen was awarded the First President's Foundation Prize in Kazakhstan. (As he could not attend the ceremony, his father received the award for him.)[93][94] On 21 March, he was invited to perform in France, in the popular French show on France 2 TV channel named Les Années Bonheur, where he sang "SOS d'un terrien en détresse". The episode was broadcast on 6 May.[95][96] In the same month, he was also invited to perform at two Global Gift Galas in Paris and Cannes, France, by the Honorary Chair of the foundation, American actress Eva Longoria.[97] He also sang at the inauguration of the Kazakhstani pavilion at the Cannes Film Festival.[98] On 24 May, a celebratory event with fans was held for Kudaibergen's 23rd birthday, at the Beijing Exhibition Center. The next day, Kudaibergen was named "Most Popular Singer of the Year" by OK! Magazine.[99] In June he continued to appear in various public events, including at the Mid Year OPPO Ceremony in Zhejiang, and at the Chinese Film Festival in Astana.

On 27 June 2017, in conjunction with Expo 2017, he held his first solo large-scale concert Bastau (Beginning) in Astana, Kazakhstan.[100] Kudaibergen sang for most of the duration of the 2.5-hour concert before a live orchestra; guest singers included Terry Lin, Kristina Orbakaitė (who sang "Opyat Metel" with Kudaibergen), Loreen, and Sophie Ellis-Bextor, and from Kazakhstan Maira Mukhamedkyzy (who sang "My Swan" with Kudaibergen), Marat Aitimov, and Kudaibergen's parents Svetlana Aitbayeva and Kanat Aitbayev (who sang the closing song, "Astana Waltz" with Kudaibergen).[101] Along with popular pieces from Singer 2017 and pre-Singer, he also debuted his new songs "My Star" (Kazakh: Жұлдызым), "Without You" (Kazakh: Кім екен), "My Last Words to You" (Kazakh: Сөз соңы), and "Leyla" (Kazakh: Лейла).[100][102][103][104] Bastau was highly well-received, and sold out to a crowd of around 30,000 people.[102][103][104]

On 11 July, Kudaibergen's new song "Ocean over Time" (Chinese: 时光·沧海) was released in China as the theme song for the game Moonlight Blade. It was announced that a passenger jet would advertise the game, bearing Kudaibergen's image. Its first flight would be on 22 August, between Shanghai and Beijing.[105] On 17 July, Kudaibergen sang "Adagio" at the closing ceremony of Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk, Belarus, where his career had catapulted in 2015.[106] On 19 and 20 July he won two MTV awards in China, for "Most Popular Overseas Singer" in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, where he performed as well.[107] On 22 July, he walked the red carpet and performed at the 2017 Eurasia Film Festival in Astana, Kazakhstan. He sang "All by Myself" and folk song "Dudarai" (Kazakh: Дударай), impressing the likes of Nicolas Cage and Adrien Brody.[108][109] More awards and performances followed: "Favorite Male Singer" at the Chinese Golden Melody Festival in Hong Kong,[110] "Astana Voice" at the Annual International Music Festival in Astana, Kazakhstan,[111] and "Best Overseas Male Star" at the New Asia Song Festival in Beijing.[112] Kudaibergen announced in his acceptance speech in Beijing that he had plans to hold solo concerts in China, and restated that his fans in China had proved that music has no boundaries.

On 16 September, Kudaibergen performed as the headliner at the open-air Gakku Festival concert in Almaty, to a crowd of 150,000 audience. Prior to this event, his highest recorded note was G#7 on the whistle register, on par with Mariah Carey. At the Gakku Festival, he surpassed himself by hitting D8 during "Unforgettable Day".[113][114][115] One week later he sang a duet with Coco Lee at her concert in Hangzhou, China. On 2 October, he performed as guest at 3rd Grand Charity Ball, in Uralsk (he had also participated in the 1st and 2nd Grand Charity Ball events in 2015 and 2016).[116][117] On 17 October, Kudaibergen performed in Paris at a UNESCO concert, along with other famed artists from Kazakhstan. He sang "Daididau" and "SOS d'un terrien en détresse", wearing his traditional shapan from Singer Episode 7. A few days earlier, also in France, Kudaibergen's countryman, the figure skater Denis Ten had debuted his Olympic season free program to Kudaibergen's rendition of "SOS d'un terrien en détresse" at the 2017 Cup of Nice. Kudaibergen performed "Memory" (from Cats) at Tmall 11.11 Countdown Gala in Shanghai, China.[118]

Kudaibergen also received several music awards in 2017, including "Best Asian Singer" at China's 24th Top Music Awards (considered to be China's equivalent to the Grammy Awards),[78] and "Most Popular Overseas Singer" at the Tencent MTV Asia Music Gala.

2018: Continued success in China and breakthrough in Russia[edit]

In 2018, Kudaibergen continued having numerous performances in China. To highlight a few; He performed "Flight of the Bumblebee"[119] and "Auld Lang Syne" (in Mandarin),[120] accompanied by the famous pianists Wu Muye and Maksim Mrvica, at the Spring Festival Gala in February. In the same month he performed "Jasmine"[121] in a duet with the Grammy-winner Wu Tong at the Chinese New Year Gala. In April, he performed a rendition of Lionel Richie's "Hello"[122] as a guest performer at Singer 2018, and he sang "Daididau", accompanied by an orchestra, at the One Belt One Road Gala.[123] Later in 2018, he was invited as guest and performer at the "Choose Big Star" variety show, he performed "You and Me" in a duet with Wang Li at the Chinese Mid Autumn Festival,[124] and premiered his first English single "Screaming"[125] at the "Idol Hits" show.[126][127] In December he performed his own song "Unforgettable Day"[128] at the Miss World 2018 Final, and Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On”[129] at the Hainan International Film Festival."

Kudaibergen also participated in the "PhantaCity"[130] short video play, in which he starred as the main actor and performed "If I Never Breathe Again" and "When You Believe".[131]

Kudaibergen held three solo concerts in 2018. He had two "D-Dynasty World Live Tour" concerts in China, on 5 January, in Fuzhou,[132] and on 15 May, in Shenzhen.[133] Within the scope of the "Kazakhstan Day of Culture" he held a concert at the Indigo@O2 on 19 November in London, United Kingdom.[134] When in London, he was invited to several interviews.[135] He gave a radio interview for BBC World Service,[136] a TV interview for BBC Kyrgyz,[137] as well as interviews for The Independent,[135] Candid Magazine,[138] 1883 Magazine,[139] the TASS news agency[140] and for the World History Archive.[141]

In May, Kudaibergen was invited to perform at the 71st Cannes Film Festival in France, where he sang his rendition of "All by Myself".[142] In June, he appeared at the Slavic Bazaar 2018 in Vitebsk, Belarus, as a judge and guest performer. He sang "SOS d'un terrien en détresse".[143] In September, he participated as a guest at the international contest for young pop singers New Wave in Sochi, Russia, where he performed Sinful Passion for the first time,[144] and sang "Adagio" at the closing ceremony.[145]

In November 2018 he started his collaboration with the renowned Russian composer Igor Krutoy. On 10 November Kudaibergen, along with the piano accompaniment of Igor Krutoy, premiered their first single "Love of Tired Swans" (Russian: "Любовь уставших лебедей", "Lyubov' ustavshikh lebedey") at the Russian Workers Day Celebration of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs at the Kremlin in Moscow. The music was composed by Igor Krutoy and the lyrics were written by the Russian poet Mikail Gutseriev. Further performances in Russia followed, and at the "Pesnya Goda" Gala in Moscow on 1 December "Love of Tired Swans" was awarded one of the best songs of 2018.

In 2018, Kudaibergen, again, received many awards in China: In January he received a Weibo Award for "New Music Power of the Year", a "Global Chinese Golden Charts Award" for "Outstanding Artist of the Year", and was honored as "Friendship Ambassador of China and Kazakhstan" and received the "Friendship Outstanding Contribution" Award at the Belt and Road International Spring Festival Gala. Later in 2018, he was awarded "Most Popular Singer of the Year", at the "Top Global Chinese Music Awards", and "Most Influential Singer of the Year" at the Silk Road Cohesion Awards in December, at which he was also honored as "Silk Road Youth Ambassador".

He was also named as one of the "30 Under 30" Most Influential People by Forbes Magazine Kazakhstan."[146]

2019: The World's Best in the United States and solo concert Arnau[edit]

On 18 January, he joined the Super Vocal TV competition for classical singers in China as a member of the judges.

Kudaibergen participated in the CBS talent competition The World's Best, in which he was presented to the US audience as the "Six Octave Man"[147] and "man with the world's widest vocal range".[148][149] He performed "SOS d'un terrien en détresse" in the audition round and "All by Myself" in the battle round. Despite being listed as front-runner, Kudaibergen withdrew from the competition after his performance of "Adagio" in the champions round (semi-final), citing that he wished to leave the opportunity to younger performers (the other two contestants of this round were the 13-year-old Indian pianist Lydian Nadhaswaram and the 12-year-old Kazakh singer Daneliya Tuleshova).[150]

On 26 October Kudaibergen made his New York City debut at the Barclay's Center as a guest artist at the Igor Krutoy Gala Concert. He performed "Love is Like a Dream", "Ogni Pietra", "Love of Tired Swans" and "Mademoiselle Hyde.[151]

On 19 November, Kudaibergen represented Kazakhstan at the 2019 ABU TV Song Festival in Tokyo, Japan, performing "SOS d'un terrien en détresse".[152]

Awards and achievements[edit]

Date Competition Location Result
2019 Feb–Mar CBS talent competition show The World's Best Hollywood, CA, United States withdrew in semi-final[150]
2017, Jan–Apr Hunan TV Singer 2017 Changsha, China 2nd place[153]
2015-06-13 International Festival of Arts Slavic Bazaar Vitebsk, Belarus Grand Prix[22]
2013-07-19 First International Festival of young performers Meikin Asia Kyrgyzstan Grand Prix[154][19]
2012-09-09 International TV Contest of Young Performers Oriental Bazaar Yalta, Ukraine 1st prize[155]
2012-05-20 Republican Contest for Young Performers Under 30 Zhas Kanat Astana, Kazakhstan Grand Prix[156]
2010 International Festival Sonorous Voices of Baikonur Baikonur, Kazakhstan 1st degree[4]
2000 Republic contest Aynalayin Aktobe, Kazakhstan 1st place (category piano)[4]
Date Event Location Award
2014-12-30 The State Youth Prize Daryn of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan Astana, Kazakhstan Category "Stage"[20]
2015-12-28 People of the Year Astana, Kazakhstan "Singer of the Year"[157]
2016-01-22 National award People's Favorite Astana, Kazakhstan "Best Pop Artist"[34]
2016-02-02 Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan Astana, Kazakhstan Certificate of Honor[158]
2016-12-30 State Grand Astana, Kazakhstan "Leadership in the Field of Culture 2016"[58]
2017-03-03 First President's Foundation Prize in Kazakhstan Astana, Kazakhstan Laureate[93]
2017-03-27 24th Chinese Top Ten Music Awards Shanghai, China "Best Asian Singer"[78][84]
2017-04-09 17th Top Chinese Music Awards Shenzhen, China "Most Popular International Singer"[86][87]
2017-04-26 25th session of the People's Assembly of Kazakhstan Astana, Kazakhstan Blessing by the President of Kazakhstan[159]
2017-05-26 OK! Magazine Music Gala Beijing, China "Most Popular Singer of the Year"[99]
2017-07-19 Tencent MTV Asia Music Gala Guangzhou, China "Most Popular Overseas Award"[160]
2017-07-20 MTV Global Mandarin Music Awards Shenzhen, China "Most Popular Overseas Singer"[107]
2017-08-09 Chinese Golden Melody Festival Hong Kong "Favorite Male Singer"[110]
2017-08-27 Fresh Asia Music Awards Beijing, China "Best Overseas Male Star"[112]
2017-08-27 Annual International Music Festival Astana Voice Astana, Kazakhstan "Astana Dausy" (Astana Voice)[111]
2017-11-14 Hollywood Music in Media Awards Hollywood, USA Hollywood Music in Media Award for "Best Original Song" in the "Video Game" category for "Ocean Over Time", the theme song of the online game Moonlight Blade (Composer Thomas Parisch and Singer Dimash Kudaibergen)[161]
2017-11-29 Times Awaken L'Officiel Fashion Night Gala Beijing, China "Leader of Innovation Time"[162][163]
2017-12-02 iQIYI Screaming Night Annual Gala Beijing, China "Most Popular Male Singer"[164]
2017-12-21 Beauty Touching Annual Charity Gala Beijing, China "Best International Singer"[165]
2017-12-27 Golden Mango Stars Awards "Most Popular Male Singer"[166]
2018-01-18 Weibo Annual Awards Beijing, China "New Music Power of the Year"[167]
2018-01-27 Global Chinese Golden Chart Awards Beijing, China "Best Artist of the Year"[168][169]
2018-02-01 Belt and Road International Brand Spring Festival Gala Beijing, China "Friendship Ambassador" of China and Kazakhstan [170]
2018-02-01 Belt and Road International Brand Spring Festival Gala Beijing, China "Friendship Outstanding Contribution" Award[170]
2018-02-10 Top Global Chinese Music Awards Beijing, China "Most Popular Singer of the Year"[171]
2018-09-29 Forbes 30 Under 30 2018 of Forbes Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Ranked among "30 Under 30" Most Influential People[172] (article 185019)[146]
2018-12-01 Pesnya Goda Moscow, Russia Awards for the composer Igor Krutoy and the singer Kudaibergen for the song "Love of Tired Swans" (Russian: "Любовь уставших лебедей") as one of the best songs of the year 2018[173]
2018-12-16 The Silk Road Cohesion Awards Shanghai, China "Silk Road Youth Ambassador" [174]
2018-12-16 The Silk Road Cohesion Awards Shanghai, China "Most Influential Singer of The Year" [174]
2019-09-29 Forbes 30 Under 30 2019 of Forbes Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Ranked among "30 Under 30" Most Influential People[175]
2019-12-05 Russian National Music Awards "Victoria" Moscow, Russia "Discovery of the Year"[176]
2019-12-05 Russian National Music Awards "Victoria" Moscow, Russia "Singer of the Year in Classical Music"[176]
2019-12-07 Pesnya Goda Moscow, Russia "Singer of the Year"[177]
2019-12-11 40th session of the Maslikhat (regional parliament) of the Aktobe Region Aktobe, Kazakhstan "Honorary Citizen of the Aktobe Region" [178]
2019-12-12 Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan "Honored Worker of Kazakhstan" (medal and honorary title for significant contribution to the socioeconomic and cultural development of the country) [179]
2019-12-26 10th DoNews RenRen Awards Beijing, China "Most Popular Foreign Artist of the Year"[180]
2020-01-11 JSTYLE China Attitude Trend Setting Awards Pingyao, China "Best Male Singer of the Year"[181]



In 2015, Dimash Kudaibergen gave a charitable concert, named "From Heart to Heart", in Atyrau, Kazakhstan, to provide essential medical treatment for a 5-year-old girl. He was joined by the Kazakh pop singer Dosymzhan Tanatarov for the event.[182]

Kudaibergen gave benefit performances at the Grand Charity Ball 2015, in the Kazakhstan cities of Shymkent,[183] Kyzylorda[184][185][186] and Uralsk.[187] The events were organized by the Alpamys Sharimov Foundation, and the funds were donated to children with hearing and speech impairment.[188]

In 2016, he gave a benefit performance at the "100 Grandmas and Grandpas" Charity Evening of the "Zaman Are We" Project in Astana, Kazakhstan.[189] The elderly of the regional retirement homes were invited as honorary guests and the funds of the event were used for social, economic and medical help for elderly residents.[190]

Kudaibergen donated all profits of his 2016 "Unforgettable Day" concert, held in his home town Aktobe, to a regional charity organization. With the funds of the concert, seven families in need were supplied with water, utilities, medical care and clothing. A wheel chair accessibility ramp was also set up for a wheelchair-bound resident.[191]

He gave a benefit performance at the Grand Charity Ball 2016, in Uralsk, Kazakhstan. The teenage students of the local boarding school for visually impaired students were invited as honorary guests of the Ball.[192] Several of these students performed a song on stage with him,[193] and Kudaibergen also danced, in the Waltz part of the event, with the visually impaired invited guests.[194] The Grand Charity Ball was organized by the Alpamys Sharimov Foundation, and the funds were donated to children with visual impairments, to this boarding school and to the regional orphanage.[195][196]

At the Top Chinese Music Awards 2017, within the "Love Recycling" Campaign, he donated the suit from his first performance at Hunan Television's Singer 2017 competition. The suit was auctioned by the Jingdong Platform and all the proceeds were donated to the Care of Children Foundation for children with blood lead poisoning.[197]

Kudaibergen hosted a live broadcast for the Live Connection Challenge, a live stream charity campaign launched by Hongdou Live and Weibo Public Welfare. The campaign income was donated to the Audiology Development Foundation of China whose goal is to provide hearing and language rehabilitation for people with hearing impairment.[198]

A charitable performance was given at the Grand Charity Ball 2017 in Uralsk hosted by the Alpamys Sharimov Foundation. It was held under the motto "Love for All" and the profits were donated to seriously ill people in Kazakhstan.[199]

Kudaibergen gave a charity performance at the "Chinese National Wind Charity Concert", in Beijing, that was held under the motto "Pray for the Year".[200] It was hosted by the China Children's Fund and the China Youth Foundation. The funds from the concert were used to enable music classes in rural Chinese primary schools that could not afford them.[201]

He gave another charitable performance at the Villa International "Beauty Touching" charity event that was jointly hosted by the China Children and Teenagers Fund and "Bridge Culture" (supported by the China Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Association).[202]

Kudaibergen became goodwill ambassador of the "Listen Project" by the Audiology Development Foundation of China Trust Fund that provides hearing aid devices and education to hearing-impaired children.[203]

A charitable performance was given at the Opening Gala of the Kazakh Snow Leopard Foundation whose goal is to save the endangered population and to preserve their natural habitat by creating protected areas.[204]

On 19 November 2018, Kudaibergen gave a solo concert in London, UK, during the Great Britain's Days of Kazakhstan Culture. All proceeds went to promote young talent from Kazakhstan and sponsor youth’ participation in prestigious international contests.[205]

Within the frame of the Shanghai Pet Adoption Day 2019, he became a supporter of the "Love is Home" initiative that aims to improve awareness and to increase adoptions of stray animals.[206]

On his 25th birthday he visited a nursing home for the elderly and the physically impaired in his hometown Aktobe. As it is customary for him on his birthday since his school days, he brought gifts and spent time with the residents. He also performed for them a cappella.[207]

A few days before his "Arnau" Concert of 29 June 2019, in Astana, Kazakhstan, there were explosions[208] near the Kazakhstan city of Arys that caused injuries and casualties. Kudaibergen decided to donate funds from his concert to the victims.[209]

When he was in the Russian city of Kazan for his performance at the WorldSkills 2019, he visited the local children's hospice, to see a seriously ill fan girl. She had planned to visit the event to see his performance, but couldn't come because she needed to start her 5th course of chemotherapy. He sang a cappella, signed autographs for and took pictures with the children in the hospice, and spent especially time with his ill fan. He also invited her to his next solo concert and she promised him to recover.[210] [211]


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