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The Dimensión Latina is one of the more famous and representative Salsa music and Latin bands from Venezuela, and one of the remarkable names in the early history of Salsa in the American continent. It was founded on March 15, 1972 in Caracas, Venezuela, by six young musicians: Jose “Joseíto” Rodríguez (musical director and timbales player), the pianist Enrique “Culebra” Iriarte, the trombonists César “Albóndiga” Monges and José Antonio “Rojitas” Rojas, the congas player Elio Pacheco and a vocalist that would soon become one of the most popular and influential singers and musicians in the history of Latin music in the American continent: the singer and bass player Oscar D'León.

Two years after its foundation, singer Wladimir Lozano joins the group. Bearer of a singularly sweet voice, naturally talented for singing Boleros, Wladimir would form with Oscar D'León one of the most memorable duets in Latin music. The singers Argenis Carrullo, Rodrigo Mendoza and Andy Montañez were also notable members of Dimensión Latina.

In its long musical career, Dimensión Latina has earned numerous awards and trophies. Its fame and influence, characterized by the innovation and high quality of their powerful and elaborate choruses and unique arrangements, very quickly handed over the Venezuelan border, earning great success in its debut in New York in the "Salsa International" Festival in the Madison Square Garden (1977), and rapidly becoming one of the most popular salsa bands in Central and South America as well as in many cities in the United States and Europe.

Among the national and international awards that Dimensión Latina has received are: in Venezuela: Six (6) "MERIDIANO DE ORO", two (2) "GUAICAIPURO DE ORO", three (3) "MUSA DE ORIENTE", three (3) "MARA DE ORO" and one (1) "MARA DE PLATINO". In Colombia: two (2) "CONGO DE ORO". In Panamá: one (1) "BUHO DE ORO".

It is estimated that Dimensión Latina has sold about 30 million Discs, and counts more than 3000 live presentations during its long and productive history.


  • 1972 : El Clan de Victor y Dimensión Latina (Oscar)
  • 1973 : Triunfadores (Oscar)
  • 1974 : En La Dimensión Latina (Oscar & Wladimir)
  • 1975 : Dimensión Latina 75 (Oscar & Wladimir)
  • 1976 : Dimensión Latina 76 (Oscar & Wladimir)
  • 1977 : Dimensión Latina en Nueva York (Oscar & Wladimir), Dimensión Latina 77 (Wladimir), Los generales de la salsa (Andy & Wladimir & Rodrigo Mendoza), Dimensión Latina 78 (780 Kilos de Salsa) (Andy & Wladimir & Rodrigo Mendoza)
  • 1978 : Dimensión Latina 79 (Andy & Rodrigo Mendoza), Tremenda Dimensión (Andy & Rodrigo Mendoza), Inconquistable (Andy & Rodrigo Mendoza)
  • 1979 : Dimensión Latina, Combinación Latina No 4 (Andy & Carlos Jesús Guillen)
  • 1980 : Para Siempre (Andy & Rodrigo Mendoza), El Número Uno con la Número Uno (Andy)
  • 1981 : Cuerda para rato (Argenis Carruyo & Edgar Rodriguez)
  • 1982 : 10 años repartiendo sals (Edgar Rodriguez & Freddy Nieto)
  • 1984 : Producto de Exportación (Wladimir)