Dimer acid

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Dimer acids, or dimerized fatty acids, are dicarboxylic acids prepared by dimerizing unsaturated fatty acids obtained from tall oil, usually on clay catalysts. The CAS number of the material is [61788-89-4]. Dimer acids are used primarily for synthesis of polyamide resins and polyamide hot melt adhesives. They are also used in alkyd resins, adhesives, surfactants, as fuel oil additives, lubricants, etc.[1] It is a light yellow or yellow viscous transparent liquid. It is non-toxic.

Dimer acid usually contains predominantly a dimer of stearic acid. It is also called C36 dimer acid.[2]

Trimer acid is a corresponding material where the resulting molecule consists of three fatty acid molecules. Its CAS number is [68937-90-6].

Dimer acids can be converted to dimer amines by reaction with ammonia and subsequent reduction.