Dimitar Grekov

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Dimitar Grekov
Димитър Греков
Dimitar Grekov.jpg
10th Prime Minister of Bulgaria
In office
30 January 1899 – 13 October 1899
Monarch Ferdinand
Preceded by Konstantin Stoilov
Succeeded by Todor Ivanchov
Personal details
Born 14 September 1847
Bolhrad, Russian Empire
Died 7 May 1901 (1901-05-08) (aged 53)
Sofia, Bulgaria
Nationality Bulgarian
Political party People's Liberal Party
Occupation Judicial Officer, Politician

Dimitar Panayotov Grekov (Bulgarian: Димитър Панайотов Греков) (14 September 1847 – 7 May 1901) was a leading Bulgarian liberal politician who also served as Prime Minister.

A native of Bolgrad in Bessarabia (now Bolhrad, Ukraine), Grekov was educated at a French legal school.[1]

Grekov, at the time a Conservative was a member of the Bulgarian Constitutional Assembly convened in February 1879, a body that formed the basis of the national parliament of the newly independent state.[2] In the 1879 cabinet of Todor Burmov he served as Minister of Justice, the first of an independent Bulgaria.[1]

In 1886 Prime Minister and regent Stefan Stambolov chose Grekvo, along with Konstantin Kanchev and Konstantin Stoilov, to travel around Europe in order to find a prince suitable for the throne of Bulgaria. The three man team searched in Belgrade and Vienna and were refused entry into Russia before settling on Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to whom they offered the crown.[3]

Grekov was appointed Prime Minister on 30 January 1899 and was removed from office on 13 October that same year after a brief and unremarkable tenure.


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Political offices
Preceded by
Konstantin Stoilov
Prime Minister of Bulgaria
Succeeded by
Todor Ivanchov