Dimitar Ilievski-Murato

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Memorial of Dimitar Ilievski - Murato on Pelister near the dormitory "Kopanki".

Dimitar Ilievski - Murato (Macedonian: Димитар Илиевски - Мурато) (1953 in Bitola – May 10, 1989 in Mount Everest) was an alpinist from the Republic of Macedonia representing SFR Yugoslavia, the first Macedonian ever to climb the highest peak of the world, Mount Everest. He died on the descent of Mt. Everest.

Murato, as he was known in his native town Bitola, reached the top of Mount Everest on May 10, 1989 as part of a larger Yugoslavian expedition, of which only few alpinists succeeded to reach the peak. He is noted as the 264th summiter of Mount Everest.[1]

After reaching the summit, he put the flags of both former SFR Yugoslavia and SR Macedonia.

In his honour, a traditional memorial march to Pelister named after him is organized every year around the date of his biggest achievement and tragedy.


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