Dimitri Ivanovich Dolgorukov

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Prince Dimitri Ivanovich Dolgorukov (1797–1867), also known as Dolgorouki or Dolgoruki, was born in one of the most prominent families in Russia, and was a career diplomat.[1]

He held several diplomatic posts, first in Constantinople, Ottoman Empire, and then in the Russian Embassy in Madrid, Spain (1826–1830), in the late 1820s travelling with American diplomat and writer Washington Irving from Seville to Granada and staying at the Alhambra together between May and June 1827. He also held diplomatic posts from 1832–1837 in the Hague, from 1838–1842 in Naples and in 1842-1845 again in Constantinople.

He was also the Russian Minister in Iran from 1845–54.[1] Dolgorukov retired from the diplomatic service in 1854 and died in 1867.[1]


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