Dimitrie Cantemir, Vaslui

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"Silişteni" redirects here. For the village in Argeş County, see Lunca Corbului.
Dimitrie Cantemir
Location of Dimitrie Cantemir
Location of Dimitrie Cantemir
Coordinates: 46°30′28″N 28°03′17″E / 46.50778°N 28.05472°E / 46.50778; 28.05472Coordinates: 46°30′28″N 28°03′17″E / 46.50778°N 28.05472°E / 46.50778; 28.05472
Country Romania
County Vaslui
Component villages Guşiței, Hurdugi, Plotonești, Urlați, Grumezoaia
 • Mayor Viorel Florea (since 2004)
Population (2007)
 • Total 3,029

Dimitrie Cantemir (formerly Silișteni) is a commune in Vaslui County, Romania. The commune was named for Prince Dimitrie Cantemir, who was born there.[citation needed] It is composed of five villages: Grumezoaia, Gușiței, Hurdugi (the commune centre), Plotonești and Urlați.