Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University

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Creștină Dimitrie Cantemir University
Universitatea Creștină Dimitrie Cantemir
Location Bucharest, Romania
44°24′53″N 26°06′55″E / 44.414613°N 26.115257°E / 44.414613; 26.115257
Website http://www.ucdc.ro

Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University (Romanian: Universitatea Creștină "Dimitrie Cantemir") is a private university in Bucharest. It has sites in Bucharest, Brașov, Cluj-Napoca, Constanța and Timișoara.


The Romanian newspaper Gândul reported that the Christian University "Dimitrie Cantemir" from Bucharest started 34 Master's degree curricula which it had no legal right of teaching.[1][2][3] According to the rector of the University, Mrs. Corina Dumitrescu, the law has a loophole, since it uses a continuous present for institutional evaluation (meaning accreditation), and the continuous present is uncharacteristic for the Romanian language.[1][2] She says that in her opinion institutional evaluation (accreditation as required by law) may also happen after the curricula have been taught. The actual wording in Romanian is "universitate acreditată supusă periodic evaluării instituţionale" (meaning: accredited university subject to periodical institutional evaluation), and Dumitrescu argues that "care se supun" (meaning: which are subject to) means that an accredited institution can be evaluated "today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow" (and presumably, any time), not that its curricula would need to have been evaluated (i.e. accredited) in the past.[1][2] For the study year 2010-2011, 16 Master's curricula from nine of its faculties are listed as accredited in Order no. 4630/2010 of the Department of Education.[4]

On February 10, 2011[5] have to have been stopped any specializations and curricula which are neither accredited nor temporarily authorized, from all Romanian universities, according to Art. 361 paragraph 4 of the Law of National Education.[6] The continuation of such curricula causes the liquidation of the university and the criminal responsibility for those guilty of breaking the law.[6]

According to the newspaper Gândul, the situation of those who graduated unaccredited and unauthorized studies would have had to be decided in September 2011, following a project drawn up by ARACIS and consulting the National Rectors' Council.[7] The Minister of Education, Daniel Petru Funeriu recognized that it applies to several universities and that his department does not have the right to cancel diplomas.[7]

Present and future[edit]

After proper educational assessment, the university was offered in 2010 by the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ARACIS) in 2010 the Certificate of High Trust Degree Grad de încredere ridicată, the highest qualification awarded in Romania to a higher education institution.[8] [Note 1]

In 2011, the university was inspected by The European University Association as an "education-centered university",[9] meaning that it focuses more on teaching than on research. In Romania, this "education-centered university" category is the third and lowest grade that Romanian universities can get.[9]


Because of the controversy, "education-centered universities" in Romania no longer had the right to offer postgraduate degree programmes.[9][opinion] Meanwhile, the law has changed again.

Problem solved in 2015[edit]

Government Ordinance no. 42/2015 regarding the right of graduates to have recognized study papers after finishing unauthorized studies and for punishing educational institutions which teach without authorization provides state recognition for all unauthorized studies from accredited educational institutions, prior to the study year 2011-2012.[10] Such diplomas can be canceled by courts or by the granting institution, according to the law.[10]


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