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Dimitrie Maimarolu (1859 in Bucharest – 1926) was a Romanian architect, whose designs featured French Beaux-Arts style. He studied architecture in France. Among the buildings he designed are:

  • Palace of the Chamber of Deputies (the Patriarchal Palace today), completed in 1907[1]
  • The National Military Circle Palace, begun in 1911 completed in 1923[2]
  • Church of St. Sylvester, Bucharest (reconstruction and enlargement, from 1904 to 1907 )[3]
  • Argeș County Prefecture Building (built in 1899, in 1970 it became the County Museum of History and Natural Science)[4]
  • Armenian Cathedral (Armenian Church) in Bucharest, 1911–1912 with Gregory Cerchez[5][6]
  • Hotel Concordia[6]
  • Vorvorenilor's Home (Palace) in Craiova (present residence of the Metropolitan of Oltenia)[7][8]
  • St. Haralambos Church of Turnu Magurele (1905)[9]


On 1 March 2005, the bust of Dimitrie Maimarolu was unveiled within the National Military Circle Palace.


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