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Dimitrije Bogdanović (Cyrilic: Димитрије Богдановић) (October 11, 1930 in Belgrade - June 14, 1986 in Beograd) was a Serbian historian and member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. He is considered as one of leading scholars on Serbian medieval literature.

Bogdanović concentrated on the history of medieval Serbian principalities and history of the Serbian Orthodox Church during the Middle Ages.

In 1978 Bogdanović became corresponding member of the Serbian Academy, in 1985 regular member.


(Incomplete list)

  • Историја српског народа I-X: Од досељавања на Балкан до 1918. године / Istorija srpskog naroda I-X: Od doseljavanja na Balkan do 1918. godine (History of Serbian Nation I-X: Since arrival to the Balkans to the year 1918), group of authors, first volume published in 1981
  • Књига о Косову / Knjiga o Kosovu (The Book on Kosovo), 1986 (online).

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