Dimitrovist Pioneer Organization "Septemberists"

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DPO 'Septemberists' symbol

Dimitrovist Pioneer Organization "Septemberists" (Bulgarian: Димитровска пионерска организация "Септемврийче") was a pioneer movement in Bulgaria. The organization was founded in September 1944. DPO "Septemberists" organized children between 9 and 14 years old. Its day-to-day affairs were supervised by the Dimitrovist Young Communist League. A 1967 estimate put its membership to about 700 000.[1] There were also an organization called chavdarcheta – these were the youngest children, which later became pioneers. The difference between the two was the distinctive scarf, which was sky-blue in the chavdarcheta movement and red in the pioneri movement.

Pledge of the organization[edit]

I, a Dimitrovist Pioneer, today solemnly promise to my comrades and to my heroic people to fight selflessly the work of the Communist Party of Bulgaria, towards the victory of communism. I swear to defend and keep the legacy and promise of Georgy Dimitrov, and to comply with the laws of the Dimitrovist Pioneers. I therefore pledge to be a worthy citizen of my dear fatherland, the People's Republic of Bulgaria.