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DIN or Din or din may refer to:

People and language[edit]

  • Din (name), people with the name
  • Dīn, an Arabic word with three general senses: judgment, custom, and religion from which the name originates
  • Dinka language (ISO 639 code: din), spoken by the major ethnic group of South Sudan


Media and entertainment[edit]

  • Din, a goddess in The Legend of Zelda series of video games
  • Din, a member of the Harvard Din & Tonics
  • "Din", a song by Therion from the album Sitra Ahra (album)
  • DIN, a music project founded by Ontario-based composer Jean-Claude Cutz
  • Din (EP), by Oscar Zia
  • Din (din is noise), a free software musical instrument & audio synthesizer
  • din_fiv, a music project by San Francisco-based composer David Din (Da5id Din)
  • Din News, Pakistani 24-hour news channel
  • Dins, a 2006 studio album by Psychic Ills
  • Din: The Day a 2022 Bangladeshi film


Other uses[edit]