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Dina Lohan

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Dina Lohan
Dina Lohan.jpg
Lohan at the 19th Annual Hamptons International Film Festival, October 15, 2011
Born Donata Melina Nicolette Sullivan
(1962-09-15) September 15, 1962 (age 53)[1]
New York City, New York, U.S.[1]
Nationality American
Other names Dina
  • Entrepreneur
  • manager
  • television personality
Years active 1998–present
Known for Living Lohan
Spouse(s) Michael Lohan (1985–2007)
Children Lindsay Lohan
Michael Lohan, Jr.
Aliana Lohan
Dakota Lohan

Donata Melina Nicolette Lohan (/ˈl.ən/; née Sullivan;[2] born September 15, 1962)[1] is an American television personality who rose to fame as the mother and manager of actress Lindsay Lohan. She also is mother of Michael, Jr., Aliana and Dakota Lohan.

Early life

Lohan was born and raised in New York City, to John L. and Ann Sullivan.[1] She has two brothers, Matt and Paul. She is of Italian (from her mother) and Irish descent, and was raised Roman Catholic.[3][4][5] Lohan is a former singer and dancer.[6]


Dina and her younger daughter Ali began a reality show, Living Lohan, which debuted on May 26, 2008 on the cable television network E!. Dina is also one of the executive producers of the series.


Lohan has been the subject of media scrutiny for making her daughter Ali the star of a reality television program, and for her regard to her daughter Lindsay's recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. She has responded to the latter matter by insisting that Lindsay's problems were not her fault, nor those of Lindsay's friends, but were the result of personal choices, for which Lindsay would have to take responsibility, and that Lindsay was in the process of rebuilding her life.[7] She has also been accused of capitalizing on Lindsay's fame and personal struggles in order to launch her own career, having been criticized for bringing cameramen from the entertainment newsmagazine series Entertainment Tonight to film her visiting Lindsay in drug rehabilitation, to the publicity of her daughter and the facility staff.[8]

Lohan's claimed career as a Radio City Rockette has also been questioned. According to the New York Post a spokesperson for Radio City asserted that there was no record of Lohan ever being a Rockette, and that executives at Cablevision, which owns Radio City, were indignant that Lohan would claim otherwise.[9]

On August 5, 2008, Anderson Cooper appeared as a guest co-host on the ABC talk show Live with Regis and Kelly, during which he stated, in reference to Living Lohan, "I can't believe I'm wasting a minute of my life watching these horrific people", and remarked that Ali Lohan appeared to be a sixty-year-old.[10] In an interview with OK! magazine, Dina Lohan responded, "people are just cruel...This is bad karma for him". Cooper did not respond directly to Lohan's comments, but clarified that while he felt bad for Ali Lohan, he opined that she should be living the conventional life of a teenager, and not be made to star in a reality television show.[11] Michael Lohan also responded to Cooper's comments, telling Access Hollywood, "I think Anderson Cooper is an opinionated, hypocritical idiot who should be an adult and keep his opinion to himself...He is the last person to judge anyone, when he and his own family have their own issues."[12]

Personal life

In 1985, she married Michael Lohan. The couple briefly separated in 1988, and later reunited.[13][14] Dina filed for divorce in 2005,[15] and the couple reached a divorce settlement in August 2007,[16] with the divorce scheduled to be finalized three months later.[17] He had worked as a Wall Street trader and businessman who inherited his father's pasta business and has been in trouble with the law on several occasions.[13][18][clarification needed] The Lohans have four children: Lindsay (b. 1986), Michael, Jr. (b. 1987), Aliana (b. 1993), and Dakota Lohan (b. 1996).

Lohan was arrested for speeding and driving under the influence in Nassau County, Long Island on September 12, 2013,[19] and pled not guilty.[20]


Title Year Role Notes
1998 The Parent Trap Woman at airport Uncredited cameo
2008 Living Lohan Herself Reality television
2014 Lindsay Herself Reality television


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