Dinaburga Castle

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Dinaburga Castle
Latgale, Latvia
Макет Динабургского замка.jpg
Museum Model of Castle
Daugavpils seal 1275-1561.jpg
Seal of the Komtur of Dünaburg Castle
Type Castle
Site information
Open to
the public
Condition parts of foundation exposed in excavations
Site history
Built circa 1273–1277
Built by Livonian Order
Materials Stone
Demolished before 1577

Dinaburga Castle (German: Dünaburg), also known as Vecdaugavpils or Vecpils, is a castle located in Naujene parish east of Daugavpils, in the historical region of Latgalia, in eastern Latvia. It is strategically situated on a high bank of the Daugava River. It was built between 1273 and 1277 by the Livonian Order, and destroyed by Russian troops before 1577. Nowadays, fragments of the foundation are exposed.[1]

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