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"Dinah" is a popular song from the show The New Plantation. The music was written by Harry Akst, and the lyrics by Sam M. Lewis and Joe Young. The song was published in 1925.

Recorded versions[edit]

It was immensely popular with jazz bands and vocalists of the period and beyond, with versions by various artists, including:

Japanese versions[edit]

In Japan, it was released by Teichiku Records; it was Dick Mine(ディック・ミネ)'s debut song in December, 1934.

Tokuichi Mine (Mine Tokuichi (三根徳一?)) had previously been an unknown band singer. He referred to himself as Dick Mine, translated the lyrics of "Dinah" into Japanese by himself, and sang the song. He called himself Kōich Mine (Mine Kōich (三根耕一?)), a pen name, as the translator. "Dinah", sung by Dick Mine, became the first hit song for Teichiku Records, with "Dark Eyes" on the flip side.

"Dinah" was also covered by, among others, Tadaharu Nakano (Nakano Tadaharu (中野忠晴?)) as "Dinah", Akira Kishii (Kishii Akira (岸井明?)) as "Dinah", Kenichi Enomoto (Enomoto Ken'ichi (榎本健一?)) as "Enoken No Dinah" (エノケンのダイナ?), meaning "Enoken's Dinah", Isao Hayashi (Hayashi Isao (林伊佐緒?)) as "Dinah", and Yoshio Kawada (Kawada Yoshio (川田義雄?) as "Rōkyoku Dinah" (浪曲ダイナ?).


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