Dinara Kasko

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Dinara Kasko
Culinary career
Cooking style3D Printing cake baking

Dinara Kasko is a Ukrainian baker and media figure notable for her usage of 3D printing in cake baking.[1][2][3][4]


Kasako was born in Ukraine. She studied to be an architect, but chose to retire from her career as a 3D visualizer and take up baking.[1] Kasako's main method baking involves using a 3D printer to construct a silicon mold that could then be used to shape a cake. Her works of confectionery art employ the mathematical principles of the Voronoi diagram and biomimicry.[1] The cakes have been compared to the art of several artists, and Kasko has collaborated with pastry magazine Sogood on a series of cake designs.[1][5]


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