Dinas Cromlech

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Dinas Cromlech is a striking rock outcrop in the Llanberis Pass, Snowdonia, in Gwynedd, northwest Wales, with a characteristic "open book" shape. It is clearly visible from the road (A4086), and the obvious rock-climbing route up the corner resisted attempts for many years. It was an important venue for a wave of new climbing, for example by Joe Brown: "Cenotaph Corner" (1952, E1, with Doug Belshaw) and "Cemetery Gates" (1951, E1, with Don Whillans).

The travel writer Eric Newby gives a comic description of his first climb and almost his only training in mountaineering, the Ivy Sepulchre, led by two expert waitresses from the inn where he is staying, in his book A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush.[1]

Coordinates: 53°05′32″N 4°02′51″W / 53.0921°N 4.0476°W / 53.0921; -4.0476


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