Ding Baozhen

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Ding Baozhen
Ding Baozhen.jpg
Governor of Sichuan Province
In office
Head of Shandong Province
In office
Personal details
Born 1820
Pingyuan, Guizhou Province
Died 1886
Chengdu, Sichuan Province

Ding Baozhen (Ting Pao-chen; simplified Chinese: 丁宝桢; traditional Chinese: 丁寶楨) (1820 – 1886) was the Qing Dynasty governor of Sichuan Province, China after whom the Szechuan dish Gong Bao Ji Ding was named (The "Gong Bao" part is the reference, not "Ding", which refers to the chicken ("Ji") being cut in cubes).[1][2]


Born in Pingyuan, Guizhou Province in 1820, Ding was appointed a government official in 1854 after an outstanding performance in the annual Royal Examination. He served as head of Shandong Province and later as governor of Sichuan province. In the second year of Guangxu period of Qing Dynasty he supervised the reconstruction of the Dujiangyan Irrigation Project. His statue can be seen on display at Erwang Temple in Dujiangyan City. His title was Gongbao (Chinese: 宮保; pinyin: Gōngbǎo; Wade–Giles: Kung1-pao3), or palace guardian from which the name Kung Pao chicken is derived.


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