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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Ding.

Ding Chun Cheng (Chinese: 丁春诚), English name: Sphinx Ting[1]) is a Taiwanese actor and male model.[2] TV series and music videos. He has earned the title "fashion 4" (shortened to F4)due to his fashion experience with Godfrey Tsao,Victor and Gaby. They made a show for YKsuit in winter of 2008. In 2009, the four published a book meet fashion 4. He also has his own brand: "Doris Bella".

Ding was born in a rich family. His father Ding Sanguang owns a giant company. The first magazine he shot was CQ which fulfilled his childhood dreams.

Fashion Shows[edit]

Ding appeared in fashion shows of the following brands and designers[citation needed]


TV Series[edit]

  • 2007/11 in Bull Fighting (TV series) (斗牛要不要) as Roma
  • 2009/10 in Momo Love (桃花小妹) as chen Zhuan
  • 2010/10 in Love in Taizhong (爱在台中) as Fang Yasi
  • 2010/10 in 4 Gifts (女王不下班) as Zhangyang
  • 2011/07 in Zhen Ai Bei Ling (珍爱北林)[3] as Dan Bang Wang


  • 2011 in Shadow Lover
  • 2014: Bugs

Music videos[edit]

  • S.H.E MV Can't Find It(找不到) (2004)
  • Gigi Leung MV The Love Song For Myself''(给自己的情歌) (2006)
  • Joey Yung MV Milk(牛奶) (2007)
  • A-Lin MV Before and After(以前以后) (2009)
  • Jam Hsiao MV How Can I Say Love (怎么说我不爱你) (2009)
  • Landy Wen MV Don't love me (2009)

TV Programs[edit]

  • 2006/01/29 Mala PALACE theme: date with actoress section B   
  • 2006/06/21 Mala PALACE theme: super hot male model
  • 2006/10/24 The Handsome Chief
  • 2006/10/26 The Handsome Chief
  • 2007/01/10 Mala PALACE theme: the superstar in rich family
  • 2008/02/01 Shen Chunhua lifeshow
  • 2008/05/07 Kang Xi is Coming theme: My classmates are rich people
  • 2008/05/29 Three Pigs theme:Let's make friends with Fashion 4
  • 2008/06/10 Kang Xi is Coming theme:Fashion 4
  • 2008/08/04 Make a Wish theme:let's have a summer holiday
  • 2008/09/04 As a College Studenttheme:We also have tough time
  • 2009/04/17 I Love Black Group
  • 2009/04/24 Helping Guo Guang
  • 2009/05/02 Guess!Guess!Guess! theme:Barbie
  • 2009/05/08 Challenge 101
  • 2009/05/12 Kang Xi is Coming theme: Help us in Fellowship
  • 2009/10/14 Kang Xi is Coming theme: MOMO LOVE
  • 2009/10/21 As a College Studenttheme:How to find true love
  • 2009/10/27 Awarding
  • 2009/10/29 Entertainment for 100%
  • 2009/12/05 Enjoy Your Weekendtheme:Bling Bling things
  • 2010/03/04 Kang Xi is Coming theme: Speak out your love
  • 2010/03/05 Million of Class
  • 2010/10/20 SS Night of Yan sister


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