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Ding Xuesong (丁雪松, born Chongqing May 27, 1918 – May 29, 2011[1]) was China's first female ambassador in 1979. She was ambassador to the Netherlands 1979–1981, then to Denmark and Iceland 1982–1984.[2] She was married to Korean-born composer Zheng Lücheng. She accompanied him to North Korea in 1945, but appealed to Zhou Enlai to request Kim Il Sung's permission for them to return to China in 1950.[3]

As Ambassador to Denmark Ding was instrumental in Carlsberg Brewery's investment in the Beijing Huadu Brewery, at the time China's most modern.

Preceded by
Chen Xinren
Ambassador of China to the Netherlands
Succeeded by
Guo Jie
Preceded by
Qin Jialin (Denmark), Chen Feng (Iceland)
Ambassador of China to Denmark and Iceland
Succeeded by
Chen Luzhi


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