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Dingle Distillery is an Irish whiskey distillery launched in 2012[1] and billing itself as an 'artisan' distillery.[2] Its first whiskeys should be released in 2016.[3] The facility is located in a converted sawmill in the Milltown district of Dingle,[1][4] in a Gaeltacht in the southwest of Ireland.


Ireland's whiskey industry is currently diversifying in output and ownership,[5] following a period when all Irish whiskey operations were owned by Irish Distillers and Pernod Ricard (1972–2005). The Dingle Distillery is Ireland's fifth, alongside New Midleton (where Jameson, Powers and Paddy are produced, among others), Bushmills, Cooley and Kilbeggan. Other distilleries are slated to open in Derry,[6] Carlow and elsewhere.[5]


The initiative to start a distillery in Dingle was that of Oliver Hughes, who is also a founder of the Porterhouse brewing and restaurant group.[5][1] The site, formerly the Fitzgerald sawmill, was converted for whiskey production in 2012, opening on 29 November.[4] The distillery was reported to have created 25 jobs, with more anticipated with the launch of a visitors' centre.[4] The new copper whiskey stills were designed by John McDougall.[1]


Dingle's mildly cool climate is reportedly favourable for whiskey production.[4][5]

Since whiskey distillation and ageing require some years, Dingle Distillery has yet to bring a whiskey to market. It plans to produce whiskeys called Dingle Gold and Dingle Green.[5] Their projected output of 'artisan' whiskeys is projected to be two casks per day.[7]

As a promotion to attract investors, Dingle Distillery is offering up five hundred special casks to "Founding Fathers", to be ready in 2018.[5]

The distillery also has a still for the production of gin and vodka.[1][5]


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