Dingleberry Lake

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Dingleberry Lake
Location of the lake in California.
Location of the lake in California.
Dingleberry Lake
LocationJohn Muir Wilderness / Inyo National Forest / Inyo County, California
Coordinates37°10′56″N 118°38′15″W / 37.1822°N 118.6374°W / 37.1822; -118.6374Coordinates: 37°10′56″N 118°38′15″W / 37.1822°N 118.6374°W / 37.1822; -118.6374
Surface area5.098 acres (2.063 ha)
Surface elevation10,495 ft (3,199 m)

Dingleberry Lake is a natural lake in Inyo County, California, in the United States.[1] The lake was so named on account of dingleberries hanging on the rear of sheep in the area.[3]

The Sabrina Lake Trail leads hikers to Dingleberry Lake.[4] Dingleberry Lake is a popular camping site.[5][6] The lake contains a population of brook trout.[7][2]

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