Dingnan County

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Dingnan County
Location in Jiangxi
Location in Jiangxi
Coordinates: 24°47′04″N 115°01′41″E / 24.7844°N 115.028°E / 24.7844; 115.028Coordinates: 24°47′04″N 115°01′41″E / 24.7844°N 115.028°E / 24.7844; 115.028
Country People's Republic of China
Province Jiangxi
Prefecture-level city Ganzhou
Postal Code 34????
Website www.dingnan.gov.cn

Dingnan (Chinese: 定南; pinyin: Dìngnán) is a county under the jurisdiction of the prefecture-level city of Ganzhou, in the far south of Jiangxi province, China, bordering Guangdong province to the south.


The county executive, legislature, judiciary are at Lishi Town (历市镇), together with the CPC and PSB branches.