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Dingo Australia
IndustryConstruction machinery
FoundedDalby, Queensland, Australia (1992 (1992))
FounderGary Briggs
Number of locations
[[Dalby, Qld], [Brisbane, Qld], [Sydney, NSW],[Melbourne, Vic], [Perth, WA]]
ProductsMini Diggers, Mini Machine Attachments

Dingo Australia, also registered as Dingo Mini Diggers Pty Ltd, is an Australian manufacturing company based in Dalby,[1] Queensland, they are the manufacturers of the Dingo Mini Digger which was previously known as the Dingo Mini Loader.[2][3]

The Dingo Mini Digger is a type of mini 'skid-steer loader', an easily manoeuvred machine which can typically carry and load dirt, dig trenches, dig posthole diggers and operate a range of attachments. The Dingo has a platform at the back on which the operator stands to operate the machine.[4]

The original Dingo Mini Loader was invented by Ken Whiffin, who was a builder on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia. He was assisted by his son, Peter Whiffin, who registered a trading name "Riga'l Universal Loaders" for ownership of the patent associated with these machines,[5] and Jaden Engineering were contracted to build these early machines. In the 1980s the Dingo name was trademarked by Riga'L Universal Loaders for the product. In 1991 Gary Briggs bought the rights to the Dingo machine,[6][7] and in 1992 established Dingo Mini Diggers,[8] revolutionising it to have more hydraulic power and more powerful engine. Today the machine is available in several models and with a wide range of attachments.

In 1995 the Dingo product was introduced to the United States by Roger Braswell.[6][9] In 1997 the manufacture rights (for the North and South American markets) were sold to Toro.[10][11] Toro continue to use the Dingo name for their "Compact Utility Loader" and small earthmover.[12]


2005 Queensland Training Awards: Mining Industry Skills Centre Medium Employer of the Year & Resources and Infrastructure Industry Skills Council Award[13]


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