Dingoo A320 SDK

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Dingoo SDK
Developer(s) Ben Brewer (aka flatmush), Harteex, Chris Clark
Stable release
r324 / February 16, 2011; 5 years ago (2011-02-16)
Development status active
Written in C99/C++
Operating system Target: MicroC/OS-II, Development: Windows, Unix
Type Software development kit
License GNU LGPL
Website code.google.com/p/dingoo-sdk

The Dingoo SDK is a software development kit for the Dingoo A320 video game console and other compatible devices, such as the Gemei x760+ and Dingoo Technology A330.


Dingoo SDK was originally developed by Ben Brewer (aka flatmush) and first released publicly as a set of source files containing wrappers implementing basic libc functionality along with samples on how to use them.[1]

The project grew with many people making contributions to the SDK and to the Dingoo scene in general until March 10, 2010 when the project was moved to googlecode and an official source tree was begun.[2]


Name Description
libc Native port of the C Standard Library (libc) and common POSIX functions
libm Native port of libm
libstdc++ Partial native port of the C++ Standard Library (libstdc++)
SDL Port of the Simple DirectMedia Layer library, commonly used in open-source games
modplay Library ported to the Dingoo A320 by alekmaul for playing mod files
SML Library named Simple Media Library, created for the Dingoo A320 which is still the only supported platform
smlgui Small library which builds on SML to provide GUI functions such as an on-screen keyboard
libfixmath Fixed-point arithmetic math library originally developed as part of SML which has now branched into its own project
fgl Fixed point software 3d graphics library which provides a similar interface to OpenGL allowing developers to implement 3d graphics without a GPU, the translations are all performed using libfixmath functions


Several projects have been developed using the SDK:

Name Author Description
MineSweeper Ben Brewer (aka flatmush) MineSweeper game clone, is now a sample in the SDK[3]
AstroLander Ben Brewer Arcade game based on Lunar Lander, the source code was refactored to make the SML library, is now a sample in the SDK[4]
SameGoo Harteex Samegame clone rewritten by Harteex to use the SDK[5]
Wubtris The Wub Tetris clone[6]
Spoout Alekmaul Port of spoout game[7]


Dingoo SDK is released under the GNU LGPL, a permissive free software licence, and is free software.


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