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Dingwall Guitars
Industry Musical instruments
Founded Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Headquarters Canada
Products Stringed instruments, electronics
Website http://www.dingwallguitars.com

Dingwall Designer Guitars is a manufacturer of bass guitars and electric guitars based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.[1] It employs the fanned-fret system started by Novax Guitars[2] for manufacturing basses, increasing the scale length of the strings on the bass side of the guitar compared to the treble side. This design is more akin to a piano or harp, giving the bass strings length that increases the sustain.[3][4]



All Dingwall bass guitars are constructed using fanned frets.[5] This extends the scale length of the 5th string on most of their models to 37", rather than the more common 34" achieved using traditional parallel fret bass designs.[6]

Reviews for Dingwall basses have mostly been positive. In a review for the Afterburner series of basses, Bass Player Magazine concluded that the Afterburner was "an exceptional bass. The extra scale length clearly improves low-note focus and pitch definition, and Dingwall's uncompromising workmanship is world class".[7] Another review for Vintage Guitar Magazine also complimented Dingwall's tone and craftsmanship in a review of the Super J bass: "Every component, from the pickups and electronics to the selection of tone woods, and the hardware, are all well-conceived and executed, and the craftsmanship is superb."[8]

Other reviews have noted, though, that the fanned-fret design can make Dingwall basses more challenging to play. In an early review, Bass Player Magazine concluded that the fanned-fret design "isn't as difficult to play as you might think...but you will have to spend some time adapting your technique to get the most out of this innovative design". The review also noted the need for special strings to optimize the tone achieved from the basses, as the strings are longer than standard guitar strings.[9]


In 2010, Dingwall reintroduced electric guitars to the instrument lineup. While only a few have been produced so far, early models have been well received. The music community Harmony Central reviewed a Dingwall Custom I, stating "the look of the Dingwall Custom I is pure Rock’n Roll...the bridge pickup nails the crunchy yet warm classic rock tone with a distinct almost cello-like character.[10]



  • Combustion
  • Afterburner series
  • Super J series
  • Super P series
  • Z Series
  • Lee Sklar Signature
  • Prima Artist


  • Custom I
  • Custom II
  • Custom 3 (only prototypes were built of this model)


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