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Dinkan, the Malayalam comics character.jpg
Publication information
Publisher Balamangalam
First appearance 1983[1]
Created by N. Somashekharan (concept)
Baby (design)
In-story information
Species Mouse
Place of origin Pankila forest
Supporting character of Mittu
  • Superior strength
  • enhanced senses
  • Flight

Dinkan (മ: ഡിങ്കൻ) is a fictional anthropomorphic superhero mouse who appear in an eponymous Malayalam comic story series in children's magazine Balamangalam. Modern day secular Keralites use Dinkan to mock organized religion and religious intolerance.


Dinkan (ഡിങ്കൻ) was created by story-writer N. Somashekharan and artist Baby in 1983. Dinkan was one of the earliest superhero characters created in India and it quickly became popular among children. Like Terrytoons created Mighty Mouse and several other superhero characters, Dinkan too borrowed a few traits from the iconic DC Comics character Superman.

Character biography[edit]

Dinkan was born in Pankila forest, somewhere in Kerala, India. He was a naughty mouse, who wasn't disciplined. During one of his escapades, Dinkan was abducted by aliens from an unknown planet. They conducted experiments on him which ended up giving him superior strength, enhanced senses and the ability to fly. Somehow Dinkan found himself back in Pankila forest and he decided to use his powers for the well-being of animals in the forest.


Dinkoism has emerged as a parody religion on social networks organized by independent social welfare groups in Kerala, India. This religion celebrates Dinkan as their God in an attempt to bring awareness of the fallacies and practices of traditional religions.[2]

British Broadcasting Corporation covered the Dinkoist religion in its BBCTrending Programme. BBC reported Dinkoism as an atheist movement with significant growth in the social media. The report was presented by BBC video journalist Alvaro A Ricciardelli.[3]


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