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For the grain crop, see Spelt.
Rivier de Dinkel.jpg
The Dinkel near Losser
Country Germany, Netherlands
Basin features
Main source North Rhine-Westphalia
80 m (260 ft)
51°59′12″N 7°07′44″E / 51.98667°N 7.12889°E / 51.98667; 7.12889
River mouth Vechte
52°30′26″N 6°57′47″E / 52.50722°N 6.96306°E / 52.50722; 6.96306Coordinates: 52°30′26″N 6°57′47″E / 52.50722°N 6.96306°E / 52.50722; 6.96306
Basin size 650 km2 (250 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 93 km (58 mi)
the Dinkel near Heek

The Dinkel is a river in Germany and the Netherlands, left tributary of the Vecht. Its total length is 93 km, of which 47 km in Germany. The Dinkel originates in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, between Ahaus and Coesfeld. It flows north to Gronau, crosses the border with the Netherlands (Overijssel), flows through Losser , Denekamp, and recrosses the border to Germany (Lower Saxony). The Dinkel joins the Vechte in Neuenhaus.