Dinner Falls

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Dinner Falls
Queensland State Archives 1315 Rays Falls head of Barron River at Mount Hypipamee near Herberton c 1935.png
Dinner Falls, at Mount Hypipamee near Herberton, circa 1935.
Dinner Falls is located in Queensland
Dinner Falls
LocationFar North Queensland, Australia
Coordinates17°25′59″S 145°29′00″E / 17.43306°S 145.48333°E / -17.43306; 145.48333Coordinates: 17°25′59″S 145°29′00″E / 17.43306°S 145.48333°E / -17.43306; 145.48333[1][2]
Number of drops3
WatercourseBarron River

The Dinner Falls is a mix of three waterfalls that display plunge, segmented and cascade characteristics on the upper Barron River located in the Far North region of Queensland, Australia.

Location and features[edit]

The waterfall is located approximately 25 kilometres (16 mi) south of Atherton on the Atherton Tableland near the Mount Hypipamee Crater in the Mount Hypipamee National Park.[3] The bottommost of the waterfall series is a long cascade fall; the middle section of the falls is a trio of segmented drops; while the uppermost section of the falls has a triangular shape as it plunges off the tableland plateau.[4]

Access to the falls is via a walking track.

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