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For the 1933 film version, see Dinner at Eight (1933 film).

Dinner at Eight is a play by George S. Kaufman and Edna Ferber. The plot deals with the Jordan family, who are planning a society dinner, and what they, as well as various friends and acquaintances—all of whom have their own problems and ambitions‚ do as they prepare for the event.

1932 original production[edit]

Dinner at Eight opened October 22, 1932, at the Music Box Theatre, and closed after 232 performances in May 1933. The play was produced by Sam H. Harris, staged by George S. Kaufman; Assistant Director: Robert B. Sinclair.

Main cast:

1966 revival[edit]

Opened September 27, 1966, at the Alvin Theatre. Closed January 14, 1967, after 127 performances.

Produced by Elliot Martin, Lester Osterman, Jr., Alan King and Walter A. Hyman, Ltd.; Associate Producer: Leonid Kipnis and Fred J. Antkies. Directed by Tyrone Guthrie.

Main cast:

2002 revival[edit]

Opened December 19, 2002 (after 28 previews), closed January 26, 2003 after 45 performances.

Produced by Lincoln Center Theater, André Bishop: Artistic Director; Bernard Gersten: Executive Producer. Directed by Gerald Gutierrez.

Main cast:

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