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Dino is a name which may refer to the following people:

As a given name:

As a nickname:

As a surname:

  • Abedin Dino (1843-1906), Albanian politician
  • Abidin Dino (1913–1993), Turkish painter
  • Ahmed Dino (1785–1849), Albanian military leader and politician
  • Ali Dino (1889-1938), Albanian cartoonist and a Member of the Greek Parliament
  • Gerald Nicholas Dino (born 1940), American clergyman
  • Güzin Dino (1910–2013), Turkish literary scholar, linguist, translator and writer
  • Rasih Dino (1865–1928), Albanian politician
  • Shahin Dino, Albanian politician and diplomat in the 19th and early 20th centuries
  • Xhemil Dino (1894-1972), Albanian politician and diplomat