Dino Galvani

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Dino Galvani
Dino Galvani1.jpg
Born 27 October 1890
Milan, Italy
Died 14 September 1960
London, United Kingdom
Other names Dino Galvanoni
Occupation Actor
Years active 1922 - 1960 (film)

Dino Galvani was an Italian actor was born Dino Galvanoni on 27 October 1890 in Milan, Italy and died 14 September 1960, aged 69 in London, England, UK who appeared in a number of British films.[1]

A descendant of Aloisio Galvani, a famous anatomist. Born to Luigi Galvanoni and Ersilia (née Maggi), he was educated in Italy and intended for the priesthood. However he settled on the stage and made his debut in 1902 at the Teatro Verdi in Milan and his debut in films in Italy was in 1908. He later acted on the stage in England and in South Africa.

In the BBC radio programme ITMA, from series 4 to series 8, he played the role of Tommy Handley's Italian secretary Signor So-So.[2]

Selected filmography[edit]


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