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Dino Pedriali (born 1950) is an Italian photographer who lives and works in Rome. His subjects are the male nude as well as portraits. His work has been compared by art critic Peter Weiermair during the retrospective "Nudi e Ritratti — Fotografie dal 1974/2003" to Caravaggio's because he similarly focuses on the artistic elevation of people from the working class.

Photographed by Pedriali were people like Giacomo Manzù, Giorgio de Chirico, Alberto Moravia, Federico Fellini, Rudolf Nureyev, Andy Warhol, Man Ray, and Pier Paolo Pasolini, whom he photogaphed shortly before Pasolini's 1975 death.

Books about Pedriali[edit]

  • Peter Weiermair: Dino Pedriali. Edition Stemmle, Zurich, 1994. 128 pp. ISBN 3-905514-38-9


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