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Dino Run (Escape Extinction) is an American independent Flash game created by PixelJAM[1] and XGen Studios, released on April 30, 2008, in which the player steers a velociraptor through increasingly dangerous side-scrolling landscapes to escape an impending wall of doom. The game uses simple pixel art and 8-bit sound to replicate the style of 1980s arcade games. An improved version of the online game called Dino Run SE was released for Macintosh, PC, and Linux.


The dinosaur is controlled with the arrow keys.[2] The object of the game is escape a wall of doom called the apocalypse, similar to a pyroclastic surge[3] (a quickly moving wall of ash debris caused by meteors) and to make it to a 'dino sanctuary' alive.[4] Along the way, the player can choose to collect eggs and devour bones to advance their dinosaur's evolution. There are four levels of difficulty – easy, medium, hard, and insane. Throughout the Challenge levels (2, 3, 4, 5, Apocalypse, Beyond Apocalypse (Hard and Insane only)) and some Speedruns, the player can collect Super eggs which grant additional score and DNA. There are a total of 10 Super eggs that can be obtained. At first, game would feature only one game mode - Challenge and would later feature a Speedrun mode as well, where the player must unlock the separate levels with the bones he has collected throughout the Challenge mode or already unlocked Speedruns. In 2010, a new mode for the game was announced - Planet D, a set of "weird" levels, which are similar to the levels in the Challenge mode. Until the release of Dino Run DX, the difficulty level for Planet D could not the changed. Later the same year, a Multiplayer mode was added. In 2013, upon the official release of Dino Run SE, the game was made paid. In July or August 2015, a new version called Dino Run DX, was released. In September 2015, Dino Run DX was released on the Steam platform, regularly receiving updates. Prior to this, a free Steam key giveaway was announced.


When the player completes a certain milestone or goal, they receive awards of bones, DNA, and points for their stats, as well as a trophy. Trophies can be viewed in the awards section of the stats menu, and they come in three levels depending on the level of skill the trophy was achieved with: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.


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