Diocese of Aarhus

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For the medieval Catholic diocese, see Ancient See of Aarhus.
Diocese of Aarhus
Country Denmark
Denomination Church of Denmark
Sui iuris church Latin Church
Cathedral Saint Clement Cathedral of Aarhus
Current leadership
Bishop Kjeld Holm

The Diocese of Aarhus (Danish: Århus Stift) is one of 10 diocese in the Church of Denmark, with headquarters in the city of Aarhus. The diocese covers a large district of northeast Jutland.


The diocese dates back to at least 948, when the bishop of Aarhus was attending the synod of Ingelheim in Germany, as noted by Adam of Bremen. The bishopric was abolished in 988 but revoked in 1070, when construction of the first cathedral of Sct. Nikolais Church begun. The church was situated where Church of Our Lady (Aarhus) resides today.[1]

In present times, the diocese comprise 14 deaneries, of which only four covers the extent of Aarhus city itself.[2]

List of Bishops[edit]

Denmark and Norway went through a Protestant reform in 1537, when the catholic bishops was arrested and replaced by Lutheran clerics. Denmark and Norway was one Kingdom at that time. In Aarhus, the row of bishops continued unbroken by the religious turmoil.

After reformation[edit]

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  • Århus Stift. Note that the "Å" spelling is still enforced.

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