Diocese of Birobidzhan

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Diocese of Birobidzhan and Kuldur
Биробиджанская и Кульдурская епархия
Annunciation Cathedral in Birobidzhan.jpg
Annunciation Cathedral
Country Russia
Territory Jewish Autonomous Region
Subdivisions 3 deaneries
Area 36,266 km2 (14,002 sq mi)
- Total
(as of 2010)
Parishes 48
Established October 7, 2002
Cathedral Anunciation Cathedral
Current leadership
Archbishop Joseph (Balabanov)
Map of Russia - Jewish Autonomous Oblast (2008-03).svg
Diocese of Birobidzhan and Kuldur

Diocese of Birobidzhan and Kuldur (Биробиджанская и Кульдурская епархия) — is a diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church, Moscow Patriarchate. The diocese operates churchers within the borders of the Jewish Autonomous Region which borders with the Republic of China on the south, with Amur Oblast on the West and with Khabarovsk Krai on the North-East.

The cathedral church and the official seat of a diocesan bishop are located in the city of Birobidzhan.

Birobidzhan diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church (centralized religious organization headed by Moscow Patriarchate) was founded by the resolution of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II and the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church on October 7, 2002. Bishop of the Birobidzhan diocese is Joseph (Balabanov) (appointed by the decree of Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II of October 7, 2002).

Parish listing[edit]

Central deanery[edit]

The city of Birobidzhan
Birobidzhan district

West deanery[edit]

Obluchensky district

Southeast deanery[edit]

Smidovichesky district
Octyabrsky district
Leninsky district

Diocesan saints[edit]

  • Archpriest Martyr Neil (Smirnov): February 8 (January 26), October 2 (September 19)
  • Priest Martyr Demetrius (Rozanov): November 12, (November 25)
  • Deacon Martyr Gregory (Samarin): June 28, (July 11)
  • St. John the Martyr (Demidov): June 28, (July 11)
  • Holy Martyr Dimitri (Vdovin): April 10, (April 23)
  • Holy Martyr Paraskeva (Kochneva): March 26, (April 8)