Diocese of Borgå

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Diocese of Borgå
Borgå stift
Porvoon Tuomiokirkko.jpg
Borgå Cathedral
Country Finland
Ecclesiastical province Turku & Finland
Metropolitan Archbishop of Turku & Finland
Denomination Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland
Cathedral Porvoo Cathedral
Current leadership
Bishop Björn Vikström
Metropolitan Archbishop Kari Mäkinen

The Diocese of Borgå (Swedish: Borgå stift, Finnish: Porvoon hiippakunta) is a Diocese for the Swedish-speaking minority of Finland. It is a part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. Porvoo (Borgå in Swedish) is also the old seat of the present-day (Finnish-speaking) Diocese of Tampere.

Unlike the other dioceses of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, the diocese is not formed on a geographical basis. All the Swedish-speaking parishes and dominantly Swedish-speaking bilingual parishes of the church belong to the diocese, regardless of their location. As a result of the geographical distribution of Swedish-speakers, the parishes of the diocese are mostly on the coast, the Swedish-speaking parish of Tampere being the only inland parish. In addition, there are two ethnicity-based parishes in the diocese: The German parish of Finland and rikssvenska Olaus Petri församlingen, the former Church of Sweden parish in Finland. The German parish (German: Deutsche ev.-luth. Gemeinde in Finnland) is the parish for the German-speaking minority of Finland, while the rikssvenska parish consists of Swedish citizens living in Finland.

The diocese has some 260.000 parishioners.

Two of the three bishops Vikström are brothers, John (later archbishop of Turku/Åbo) and Erik, while Björn is a son of John Vikström.

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