Diocese of Caledonia

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Diocese of Caledonia
Ecclesiastical province British Columbia and Yukon (Canada)
Rite Anglican
Cathedral St. Andrew's Cathedral, Prince Rupert
Current leadership
Bishop William John Anderson

The Diocese of Caledonia is a diocese of the Ecclesiastical Province of British Columbia and the Yukon of the Anglican Church of Canada.

Early missionary leaders who served in this diocese include William Ridley and James Benjamin McCullagh.

In 1977 the diocese published The Nishga Liturgy for Nisga'a Anglicans.

Bishops of Caledonia[edit]

Bishop of Caledonia Name Dates Notes
1st William Ridley 1879-?1904
2nd Frederick Du Vernet 1904–1924 1st Metropolitan of British Columbia and Archbishop of Caledonia, 1915–1924
3rd George Rix 1928–1945
4th James Gibson 1945-1952
5th Horace Watts 1953–1959
6th Eric Munn 1959-1968
7th Douglas Hambidge 1969-1980 afterwards Bishop of New Westminster, 1980–1993
8th John Hannen 1981-2001 Acting Metropolitan of British Columbia, 1993–1994
9th William Anderson 2001–2016 Retired Bishop of Caledonia on Dec. 31, 2016

Deans of Caledonia[edit]

The Dean of Caledonia is also Rector of St Andrew's Cathedral, Prince Rupert.

  • 1929–1945: James B. Gibson (1st Dean) Bishop of Caledonia, 1945 [1]
  • 1945–: Basil S. Prockter [1]
  • c.1966: E. G. Flagg
  • ?–: Albert Edward Hendy
  • ?-c.2002: Hugo Jackson
  • 2002–2008: Rob Sweet [2]
  • 2011–: Jason Haggstrom


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