Roman Catholic Diocese of Keningau

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Diocese of Keningau

Dioecesis Keningauensis

Keuskupan Keningau
Keningau Sabah Roman-Catholic-Diocese-of-Keningau-01.jpg
Cathedral of Keningau
Country Malaysia
Ecclesiastical provinceKota Kinabalu
MetropolitanKota Kinabalu
Area18,298 km2 (7,065 sq mi)
- Total
- Catholics (including non-members)
(as of 2018)
135,544 (27.91%)
Established17 December 1992
CathedralCathedral of St Francis Xavier in Keningau
Current leadership
BishopRt. Rev. Datuk Cornelius Piong
Metropolitan ArchbishopMost Rev. Datuk John Wong Soo Kau
Vicar GeneralRev Msgr Gilbert Engan

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Keningau (Lat: Dioecesis Keningauensis) is a diocese of the Latin Rite of the Roman Catholic Church in Malaysia.


Erected in 1992, from the Archdiocese of Kota Kinabalu, on 23 May 2008; the diocese became a suffragan of the newly elevated Archdiocese of Kota Kinabalu. The first and only bishop is Rt. Rev. Datuk Cornelius Piong, appointed on 17 Dec 1992. There are now 20 secular priests and 1 religious priest.

List of Parishes[edit]

There are 10 parishes and 1 Mission located in the Diocese of Keningau.

  • Cathedral of St. Francis Xavier Parish, Keningau (69 outstations)
  • St. Valentine's Parish, Beaufort (10 outstations)
  • St. Peter's Parish, Kuala Penyu (10 outstations)
  • St. Patrick's Parish, Membakut (6 outstations)
  • St. John the Baptist Parish, Sipitang
  • Holy Spirit Parish, Sook, Keningau (47 outstations)
  • St. Theresa Parish, Tambunan (16 outstations)
  • Holy Cross Parish, Toboh, Tambunan (20 outstations)
  • St. Anthony's Parish, Tenom (16 outstations)
  • Kemabong Mission Parish, Kemabong, Tenom (15 outstations)



His Grace Right Reverend Datuk Cornelius Piong, DD. (Rector of KSFX)


Cathedral of St. Francis Xavier Parish, Keningau (KSFX)

  • Asst PPs: Rev Joseph Gapitang, Rev Dr. Charles Chiew. Rev Bonaventure Unting, Rev Rudolp Joannes, Rev David Gasikol

St Valentine Church Parish, Beaufort/St John the Baptist Church Parish, Sipitang

  • Rector: Rev Msgr Gilbertus J Engan
  • Asst PP: Rev Paul Mikin

St Peter Bundu Church Parish, Kuala Penyu

  • Rector: Rev Boniface Kimsin
  • Asst PP: Rev Lazarous Uhin

St Patrick Church Parish, Membakut

  • Rector: Rev Ronnie Luni

Holy Spirit Church Parish, Sook

  • Rector: Rev Claudius Andrew
  • Asst PP: Rev Harry Dorisoh

St Theresa Church Parish, Tambunan

  • Rector: Rev Anthony Mikat
  • Asst PPs: Rev Gilbert Lasius, Rev Giovani Sugau, CSE.

Holy Cross Church, Toboh

  • Rector: Rev Bede Anthonius
  • Asst PP: Rev Roney Mailap

St Anthony Church Parish/Mission Kemabong, Tenom

  • Rector: Rev David Mamat
  • Asst PP: Rev Benedict Runsab

Priests Abroad[edit]

  • Rev Francis Dakun (St Peter's College Major Seminary, Kuching)

Priest on Study Leave[edit]

  • Rev Clement Abel (Philippines)

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