Diocese of Magadan

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Diocese of Magadan and Sinegorye
Orthodox cathedral Magadan.jpg
Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Magadan, built in 1985
Headquarters Magadan
Denomination Eastern Orthodox
Sui iuris church Russian Orthodox Church
Established end of the January 1991
Language Old Church Slavonic
Governance Eparchy

The Diocese of Magadan and Sinegorye (Russian: Магаданская и Синегорская епархия) is an eparchy of the Russian Orthodox Church.

The Eparchy Cathedral is the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Magadan.


The present territory of Magadan Diocese was part of the Irkutsk diocese until 1840, when most of it was part of Kamchatka. Since 1869, the land was divided into Magadan and the Yakut Kamchatka dioceses, and in 1898, the territory of the latter was transferred to the newly established Diocese of Vladivostok.

On September 13, 1922, the Supreme Church Authority decided, blessed by Patriarch Tikhon, to allocate an independent Department of Kamchatka.

The first parish was opened in 1989. With the formation of new parishes, as well as the vastness of the region, have revealed the crucial need for the formation of an independent diocese.

Magadan diocese, which includes Magadan Oblast and Chukotka Autonomous District, was formed by decision of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church on January 31, 1991.

On July 19, 2000 from the diocese has been allocated Anadyr and Chukotka diocese, located in the Chukotka Autonomous District.

As of mid-2011 the diocese has 25 parishes, which serves 13 clerics. In the second cathedral city diocese Sinegorje, two thirds of homes are abandoned.