Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Pescara-Penne

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Archdiocese of Pescara-Penne
Archidioecesis Piscariensis-Pinnensis
Pescara - Cattedrale di San Cetteo 01.JPG
Pescara Cathedral
Country Italy
Ecclesiastical province Pescara-Penne
Area 1,600 km2 (620 sq mi)
- Total
- Catholics
(as of 2004)
292,000 (98%)
Parishes 126
Denomination Catholic Church
Rite Roman Rite
Established 5th century
Cathedral Cattedrale di S. Cetteo Vescovo e Martire (Pescara)
Co-cathedral Concattedrale di S. Massimo (Penne)
Current leadership
Pope Francis
Archbishop Tommaso Valentinetti
Emeritus Bishops Francesco Cuccarese
PescaraPenne diocesi.png

The Archdiocese of Pescara-Penne (Latin: Archidioecesis Piscariensis-Pinnensis) was a Roman Catholic ecclesiastical territory in central Italy. It was created in 1982, by a name change and elevation in rank from the Diocese of Penne e Pescara.[1] That was in turn created in 1949, when the historic diocese of Penne-Atri was split up, with Atri going to form the Diocese of Teramo-Atri. The Diocese of Atri had been united with the Diocese of Penne in 1252.[2][3]

The seat of the archbishops is in the Pescara Cathedral.[1]


Diocese of Penne[edit]

Erected: 5th Century
Latin Name: Pinnensis

Diocese of Penne e Atri[edit]

United: 15 March 1252 with the Diocese of Atri
Latin Name: Pinnensis et Hatriensis seu Atriensis


Diocese of Penne e Pescara[edit]

United 1 July 1949 with the Diocese of Teramo to form the Diocese of Teramo e Atri and then separated from the new entity to form the Diocese of Penne e Pescara
Latin Name: Pinnensis et Piscariensis
Immediately Subject to the Holy See

  • Benedetto Falcucci (2 Jul 1949 - 1 Jan 1959 Resigned)
  • Antonio Iannucci (15 Feb 1959 - 21 Apr 1990 Retired)

Archdiocese of Pescara-Penne[edit]

Name Changed: 2 March 1982
Latin Name: Piscariensis-Pinnensis
Metropolitan See

  • Francesco Cuccarese (21 Apr 1990 - 4 Nov 2005 Retired)
  • Tommaso Valentinetti (4 Nov 2005 - )


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