Diocese of St David's

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Diocese of St David's
Esgobaeth Tyddewi
St Davids Diocese Logo.jpg
Sable, a cross Or with five cinquefoils sable
Coat of arms
Ecclesiastical province Wales
Archdeaconries St David's, Cardigan, Carmarthen
Cathedral St David's Cathedral
Current leadership
Bishop Joanna Penberthy
Dean Jonathan Lean
Archdeacons William Strange, Archdeacon of Cardigan
Roger Hughes, Archdeacon of Carmarthen
Dennis Wight, Archdeacon of St David's
Map of the dioceses in the Church in Wales
Map of the dioceses in the Church in Wales

The Diocese of St David's covers the historic extent of Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire, and Pembrokeshire, together with a small part of western Glamorgan. The episcopal see is the Cathedral Church of St David in the City of St David's, Pembrokeshire. The present cathedral, which was begun in 1181, stands on the site of a monastery founded in the 6th century by Saint David.

The diocese is divided into the three archdeaconries of St David's, Carmarthen and Cardigan. The bishop's residence is Llys Esgob in Abergwili, Carmarthenshire.


An engraving of St. David's Cathedral c.1790 with an account of its history

The history of the diocese of St David's is traditionally traced to that saint in the latter half of the 6th century. Records of the history of the diocese before Norman times are very fragmentary, however, consisting of a few chance references in old chronicles, such as 'Annales Cambriae' and 'Brut y Tywysogion' (Rolls Series).

Originally corresponding with the boundaries of Dyfed (Demetia), St David's eventually comprised all the country south of the River Dyfi and west of the English border, with the exception of the greater part of Glamorganshire, in all some 3,500 square miles (9,100 km2). Until 1852 the diocese also included some parishes in Herefordshire.

The diocese assumed its current extent in 1923, when the Diocese of Swansea and Brecon was created from the eastern part of the diocese.[1]

The office of Bishop of St David's has existed since the founding of the cathedral. The current bishop, the 129th, is Joanna Penberthy, whose election was confirmed on 30 November 2016,[2] whose consecration was scheduled for 21 January 2017 at Llandaff Cathedral, and whose enthronement in St Davids Cathedral was scheduled for 11 February 2017. She became the first woman ordained a bishop in the Church in Wales upon her consecration.[3]

Archdeaconries and deaneries[edit]

Diocese Archdeaconry Deanery Paid clergy Churches Population People/clergy People/church Churches/clergy
Diocese of St David's Archdeaconry of Cardigan Deanery of Cemais and Sub-Aeron 4 20 19,074 4,769 954 5
Deanery of Emlyn 4 17 13,295 3,324 782 4.25
Deanery of Glyn Aeron 6 26 15,738 2,623 605 4.33
Deanery of Lampeter and Ultra-Aeron 5 23 14,120 2,824 614 4.6
Deanery of Llanbadarn Fawr 6 24 33,809 5,635 1,409 4
Archdeaconry of Carmarthen Deanery of Carmarthen 6 26 32,529 5,422 1,251 4.33
Deanery of Cydweli 9 22 81,296 9,033 3,695 2.44
Deanery of Dyffryn Aman 3 16 41,714 13,905 2,607 5.33
Deanery of Llandeilo 3 17 9,066 3,022 533 5.67
Deanery of Llandovery 3 15 7,588 2,529 506 5
Archdeaconry of St David's Deanery of Daugleddau 5 23 24,820 4,964 1,079 4.6
Deanery of Dewisland and Fishguard 7 20 13,918 1,988 696 2.86
Deanery of Pembroke 13 46 51,076 3,929 1,110 3.54
Deanery of Roose 7 27 29,507 4,215 1,093 3.86
Total/average 81 322 387,550 4,785 1,204 3.98

Archdeaconry of Cardigan[edit]

Deanery of Cemais and Sub-Aeron[edit]

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Communities served Population served
Aberporth (St Cynwyl) with Blaenporth with Betws Ifan
  • St Cynwyl, Aberporth
  • Curate: Christopher Frost
Aberporth, Beulah (Betws Ifan area) 3,187
  • St David, Blaenporth
  • St John, Betws Ifan
Cardigan (St Mary) with Mwnt and Y Ferwig with Llangoedmor
  • Vicar: John Bennett
  • NSM: Alan Kent
Cardigan, Llangoedmor (Llangoedmor area), Y Ferwig 5,928
Cilgerran (St Llawddog) with Bridell and Llantwyd and Eglwyswrw
  • St Cristiolus, Eglwyswrw
  • St David, Bridell
  • St Llawddog, Cilgerran
  • Priest-in-Charge: Peter Ratcliffe
Cilgerran, Eglwyswrw 2,231
Maenordeifi Group, the (St David)
  • St Mary, Llanfair Nant-Gwyn
  • St Tygwydd, Llandygwydd
  • St Tydfil, Llechryd
  • St Colman, Capel Colman
  • St David, Manordeifi
  • Priest-in-Charge: Vacant
Beulah (Llandygwydd area), Boncath, Crymych (Llanfair Nant-Gwyn area), Llangoedmor (Llechryd area), Manordeifi 3,534
Newport (St Mary) with Cilgwyn and Dinas with Llanllawer and Moylgrove and Meline
  • St Brynach, Dinas Cross
  • St Mary, Newport
  • Vicar: Neil Llewellyn
Dinas Cross, Newport 1,976
St Dogmael's (St Thomas) and Monington and Nevern and Y Beifil West
  • St Nicholas, Monington
  • St Thomas, St Dogmaels
  • St Brynach, Nevern
  • Vicar: Vacant
Nevern, St Dogmaels 2,218

Deanery of Emlyn [2][edit]

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Communities served Population served
Llandysul w Bangor Teifi & Llanfairollwyn w Llangynllo
  • St David, Bangor Teifi
  • St Ffraid, Tregroes
  • St John, Pontsian
  • St Tysul, Llandysul
  • St Cynllo, Llangynllo
  • Priest-in-Charge: Gareth Reid
  • NSM: Elizabeth Davies
Llandyfriog (Bangor Teifi area), Llandysul (Llandysul area), Troedyraur (Llangynllo area) 2,720
Llanfihangel-Ar-Arth (St Michael) with Capel Dewi
  • St Mary, Pencader
  • St Michael, Llanfihangel-ar-Arth
  • St David, Capel Dewi
  • Vicar: Bronwen Timothy
Llandysul (Capel Dewi area), Llanfihangel-ar-Arth 3,579
Llangeler (St Celer) with Pen-Boyr
  • St Mary, Bancyffordd
  • St Celer, Llangeler
  • St James, Rhos
  • St Barnabas, Velindre
  • St Llawddog, Velindre
  • Vicar: Vacant
Llangeler 3,427
Newcastle Emlyn & Llandyfriog & Troedyraur & Cenarth & Henllan
  • St Tyfriog, Llandyfriog
  • Holy Trinity, Newcastle Emlyn
  • St Michael, Brongest
  • St Llawddog, Cenarth
  • Vicar: Dewi Roberts
  • Curate: Viv Sayer
Cenarth, Llandyfriog (Llandyfriog area), Newcastle Emlyn, Troedyraur (Brongest area) 3,569

Deanery of Glyn Aeron[edit]

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Communities served Population served
Henfynyw w Aberaeron & Llanddewi Aberarth w Llanbadarn Trefeglwys
  • St Padarn, Llanbadarn Trefeglwys
  • Holy Trinity, Aberaeron
  • St David, Henfynyw
  • St David, Aberarth
  • Vicar: John Lewis
Aberaeron, Dyffryn Arth, Henfynyw 3,641
Llanarth and Capel Cynon with Talgarreg and (St Mark)
  • St Cynon, Capel Cynon
  • St David, Llanarth
  • St David, Talgarreg
  • St Mark, Gwenlli
  • Rector: Christopher Bolton
Llanarth (Llanarth area), Llandysiliogogo (Talgarreg area), Troedyraur (Capel Cynon area) 1,810
Llanerch Aeron (St Non) with Ciliau Aeron and Dihewyd and Mydroilyn
  • St Non, Llanerch Aeron
  • St Vitalis, Dihewyd
  • Holy Trinity, Mydroilyn
  • St Michael, Ciliau Aeron
  • Priest-in-Charge: Rachel Davies
Ciliau Aeron (Ciliau Aeron area), Llanarth (Mydroilyn area), Llanfihangel Ystrad (Dihewyd area) 1,988
Llanfihangel Ystrad (St Michael) & Cilcennin w Trefilan & Nantcwnlle
  • St Michael, Ystrad Aeron
  • St Silin, Cribyn
  • St Hilary, Trefilan
  • Holy Trinity, Cilcennin
  • Priest-in-Charge: Matthew Hill
Ciliau Aeron (Cilcennin area), Llanfihangel Ystrad (Felinfach area), Nantcwnlle (Trefilan area) 1,581
Llangrannog (St Carannog) with Llandysiliogogo with Penbryn
  • Priest-in-Charge: Vacant
Llandysiliogogo (Nanternis area), Llangrannog, Penbryn 2,610
Llanllwchaearn (St Llwchaiarn) and Llanina
  • St Llwchaiarn, Newquay
  • Holy Trinity, Cross Inn
  • St Ina, Llanina
  • Priest-in-Charge: Matthew Baynham
  • NSM: Judith Morton
Llanllwchaiarn, New Quay 1,930
Llansantffraed (St Bridget) with Llanrhystud and Llanddeiniol
  • St Deiniol, Llanddeiniol
  • St Rhystyd, Llanrhystyd
  • St David, Nebo
  • St Bridget, Llansantffraed
  • Vicar: Julian Smith
Llanrhystyd, Llansantffraed 2,178

Deanery of Lampeter and Ultra-Aeron[edit]

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Communities served Population served
Lampeter w Maestir & Silian & Llangybi & Betws Bledrws
  • St Bledrws, Betws Bledrws
  • St Peter, Lampeter
  • St Mary, Maestir
  • St Cybi, Llangybi
  • Priest-in-Charge: Andy Herrick
  • NSM: Jennifer Kimber
  • NSM: Elizabeth Arnold-Davies
Lampeter, Llangybi, Llanwnnen (Maestir area) 3,868
Llanddewi Brefi (St David) and Llangeitho
  • St Lucia, Betws Leucu
  • St Gartheli, Abermeurig
  • St Ceitho, Llangeitho
  • All Saints, Cellan
  • St David, Llanddewi Brefi
  • St Padarn, Llangeitho
  • St Mary, Llanfair Clydogau
  • Priest-in-Charge: William Jones
Llanddewi Brefi, Llanfair Clydogau, Llangeitho, Nantcwnlle (Abermeurig area) 2,495
Llanybydder & Llanwenog w Llanllwni & Llanwnnen
  • Priest-in-Charge: Susannah Bale
Llanllwni, Llanwenog, Llanwnnen (Llanwnnen area), Llanybydder 3,885
Pencarreg (St Patrick) and Llanycrwys
  • St David, Llanycrwys
  • St James, Cwmann
  • St Patrick, Pencarreg
Llanycrwys, Pencarreg 1,404
Tregaron Group
  • St Mary, Strata Florida
  • St David, Pontrhydfendigaid
  • St Caron, Tregaron
  • St John the Baptist, Ystrad Meurig
  • St David, Blaenpenal
  • Vicar: Philip Davies
  • NSM: Aled Lewis
Lledrod (Blaenpenal area), Tregaron, Ystrad Fflur, Ystrad Meurig (Ystradmeurig area) 2,468

Deanery of Llanbadarn Fawr[edit]

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Communities served Population served
Aberystwyth (St Michael) (Holy Trinity) (St Mary) (St Anne)
  • St Michael, Aberystwyth
  • Priest-in-Charge: Mones Farah
  • Team Vicar: John-Daniel Laurence
  • Team Vicar: Mark Ansell
  • NSM: David Jones
Aberystwyth, Llanfarian 14,581
  • Holy Trinity, Buarth
  • St Anne, Penparcau
  • St Mary, Aberystwyth
  • St Llwchaiarn, Llanychaearn
Borth (St Matthew) and Eglwys-Fach and Llangynfelyn
  • St Matthew, Borth
  • St Michael, Eglwysfach
  • Vicar: Vacant
Borth, Llangynfelyn, Ysgubor-y-coed 2,296
Grwp Bro Ystwyth A Mynach
  • Priest-in-Charge: Vacant
  • NSM: Robin Morris
Blaenrheidol, Pontarfynach, Trawsgoed, Ysbyty Ystwyth 2,348
Llanbadarn Fawr & Elerch & Penrhyncoch & Capel Bangor [6]
  • Priest-in-Charge: Andrew Loat
  • Curate: Lyn Dafis
  • NSM: Heather Evans
  • NSM: Lynn Rees
Ceulanamaesmawr, Faenor, Llanbadarn Fawr, Melindwr, Trefeurig 9,779
  • St David, Capel Bangor
  • St Peter, Bontgoch
  • St John, Penrhyncoch
Llanfihangel Genau'r Glyn (St Michael) and Llangorwen
  • St David, Talybont
  • St Michael, Llanfihangel-Genau'r-Glyn
  • All Saints, Llangorwen
  • Priest-in-Charge: Vacant
Geneu'r Glyn, Tirymynach 2,580
Llanilar w Rhostie & Llangwyryfon w Llanfihangel Lledrod etc
  • St Gwnnws, Tynygraig
  • St Michael, Llanfihangel Lledrod
  • St Ursula, Llangwyryfon
  • St Hilary, Llanilar
  • Priest-in-Charge: Stephen Edwards
  • NSM: Terence Davis
Llangwyryfon, Llanilar, Lledrod (Lledrod area), Ystrad Meurig (Tynygraig area) 2,225

Archdeaconry of Carmarthen[edit]

Deanery of Carmarthen[edit]

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Communities served Population served
Meidrim (St David) and Llanboidy and Merthyr
  • St Brynach, Llanboidy
  • St Martin, Merthyr
  • St David, Meidrim
  • Priest-in-Charge: Jeffrey Gainer
Abernant, Llanboidy, Meidrim, Newchurch and Merthyr (Merthyr area) 2,278
Abernant (St Lucia)
  • St Lucia, Abernant
Carmarthen and Abergwili and Capel Y Groes [7]
  • Priest-in-Charge: Vacant
  • Curate: Gaynor Jones
  • NSM: Jennifer Britton
Abergwili (Abergwili area), Carmarthen (east) 7,899
Carmarthen St David (Christ Church) [8]
  • Vicar: Patrick Thomas
  • NSM: Delyth Richards
  • NSM: Roland Maskell
Carmarthen (west) 7,092
Cynwyl Elfed (St Cynwyl) with Newchurch and Trelech A'r Betws
  • St Alban, Cwmduad
  • St Cynwyl, Cynwyl Elfed
  • St Michael, Newchurch
  • St Teilo, Trelech a'r Betws
  • Curate: Vacant
Cynwyl Elfed, Newchurch and Merthyr (Newchurch area), Trelech 2,127
Llanarthne (St David) and Llanddarog1
  • St Twrog, Llanddarog
  • Priest-in-Charge: Bryan Witt
Llanarthney, Llanddarog 1,963
  • St Arthen, Llanarthne
Llangunnor (St Ceinwr) with Cwmffrwd1
  • St Ceinwr, Llangunnor
  • St Anne, Cwmffrwd
  • Priest-in-Charge: Vacant
Llandyfaelog (Cwmffrwd area), Llangunnor 3,033
Llan-Llwch (St Mary) w Llangain & Llangynog & Llansteffan etc
  • Priest-in-Charge: Elizabeth Howells
  • NSM: Adam Bruce
Carmarthen (Llanllwch area), Llangain, Llangynog, Llansteffan 2,006
Llanpumsaint (Five Saints) with Llanllawddog
  • St Llawddog, Pontarsais
  • Five Saints, Llanpumsaint
  • St Celynnin, Bronwydd Arms
  • Priest-in-Charge: Vacant
Bronwydd, Llanllawddog, Llanpumsaint 2,001
St Clears (St Mary Magdalene) w Llangynin & Llanddowror etc
  • St Teilo, Llanddowror
  • St Michael, Llanfihangel Abercywyn
  • St Cynin, Llangynin
  • St Mary Magdalene, St Clears
  • Priest-in-Charge: Dorrien Davies
  • NSM: Caroline Jones
Llanddowror, Llangynin, St Clears 4,130

1Llannau Tywi Ministry Area

Deanery of Cydweli[edit]

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Communities served Population served
Burry Port (St Mary) and Pwll
  • Holy Trinity, Pwll
  • St Mary, Burry Port
  • Priest-in-Charge: Nick Jones
Llanelli Rural (Hengoed ED), Pembrey and Burry Port Town (Burry Port ED) 7,991
Cydweli (St Mary) (St Teilo) and Llandyfaelog1 [10]
  • Priest-in-Charge: Trevor Copeland
Kidwelly, Llandyfaelog (Llandyfaelog area), St Ishmael 5,545
St Ishmael's (St Ishmael) with Llan-Saint and Ferryside1
  • All Saints, Llansaint
  • St Ishmael, St Ishmaels
  • St Thomas, Ferryside
  • Priest-in-Charge: Vacant
Gwendraeth Fawr
  • St Mary, Pont-iets
  • St John, Pontyberem
  • Old Church of St John, Pontyberem
  • Priest-in-Charge: Mary Charles
Llanelli Rural (Glyn ED), Pontyberem 4,923
Bro Lliedi [11]
  • Priest-in-Charge: Denzil Mosford
  • Curate: Emma Whittick
  • Curate: Sulin Milne
  • NSM: Robert Lowe
  • NSM: Patrick Mansel Lewis
  • NSM: Glenys Payne
Llanedi (Hendy ED), Llanelli, Llanelli Rural (Bynea, Dafen, Felinfoel, Llwynhendy, Swiss Valley EDs), Llangennech 50,258
  • St David, Llwynhendy
  • St Gwynog, Llangennech
  • St Michael & All Angels, Dafen
  • Holy Trinity, Felinfoel
Pen-Bre (St Illtud)
  • Llandyry Parish Church
  • St Illtyd, Pembrey
  • Vicar: Dewi Davies
  • Curate: Jim Flanagan
Pembrey and Burry Port Town (Pembrey ED), Trimsaran 6,842
  • St David, Tumble
  • St Non, Llannon
  • St Cyndeyrn, Llangyndeyrn
  • Team Rector: Marc Rowlands
Llangyndeyrn, Llannon (Llannon area) 5,737

1Cunedda Ministry Area

Deanery of Dyffryn Aman[edit]

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Communities served Population served
Betws (St David) with Ammanford [12]
  • Vicar: Vacant
Ammanford, Betws 7,586
  • St David, Ammanford
  • St Michael, Ammanford
  • St Thomas, Pontaman
Brynaman (St Catherine) with Cwmllynfell
  • St Catherine, Brynaman
  • St Margaret, Cwmllynfell
  • Vicar: Adrian Teale
Cwmllynfell, Quarter Bach 4,093
Cwmaman (Christ Church)
  • Christ Church, Garnant
  • Llanfair Church, Cwmgors
  • Vicar: Vacant
Cwmamman, Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen 8,726
Gors-Las (St Lleian)
  • St Anne, Cross Hands
  • St Lleian, Gorslas
  • Priest-in-Charge: Victoria Jones
  • NSM (Gors-Las): Brian Jones
Gorslas, Llandybie (Saron ED), Llanedi (Tycroes ED), Llannon (Cross Hands area) 13,250
Llanedi (St Edith) with Tycroes and Saron
  • St Edith, Llanedi
  • St Edmund, Tycroes
  • St David, Saron
Llandybie (St Tybie)
  • Llandyfan Parish Church
  • St Mark, Cwm-Coch
  • St Tybie, Llandybie
  • Priest-in-Charge: Mair Owen
Cyngor Bro Dyffryn Cennen, Llandybie (Llandybie & Penygroes EDs) 8,059

Deanery of Llandeilo[edit]

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Communities served Population served
Brechfa (St Teilo) and Llanfihangel Rhos-Y-Corn
  • St Teilo, Brechfa
  • St Michael, Llanfihangel Rhos-y-corn
  • Hon. Priest-in-Charge: Lynn Chambers
Llanegwad (Brechfa area), Llanfihangel Rhos-y-corn (Llanfihangel Rhos-y-corn area) 970
  • St Egwad, Llanfynydd
  • St Cathen, Llangathen
  • St Mary, Cwrt-Henri
  • St Michael, Golden Grove
  • St Mary's Memorial Church, Carmel
  • Priest-in-Charge: Sian Jones
  • NSM: Vanessa Hope-Bell
Llanfihangel Aberbythych, Llanfynydd, Llangathen 2,350
Llandeilo Fawr (St Teilo) and Taliaris [13]
  • Vicar: Michael Sadler
Llandeilo, Manordeilo and Salem (Taliaris area) 2,672
Llanegwad (St Egwad) with Llanfihangel Uwch Gwili
  • St John the Evangelist, Felin-gwm
  • Holy Trinity, Pontargothi
  • St Egwad, Llanegwad Nantgaredig
  • St Michael, Llanfihangel-Uwch-Gwili
  • Vicar: Rhobert Pattinson
Abergwili (Llanfihangel-Uwch-Gwili area), Llanegwad (Llanegwad area) 1,543
Llangadog (St Cadog) and Gwynfe with Llanddeusant
  • All Saints, Gwynfe
  • SS Simon & Jude, Llanddeusant
  • St Cadog, Llangadog
  • Vicar: Vacant
Llanddeusant, Llangadog 1,531

Deanery of Llandovery[edit]

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Communities served Population served
Cil-Y-Cwm & Ystrad-Ffin w Rhandirmwyn Llanfair-Ar-Y-Bryn1
  • Priest-in-Charge: Elizabeth McKnight
Cilycwm, Llanfair-ar-y-bryn 1,111
Cynwyl Gaeo (St Cynwyl) w Llansawel & Talley & Abergorlech1
  • St David, Abergorlech
  • St Sawyl, Llansawel
  • St Cynwyl, Caio
  • St Michael, Talley
  • NSM: Delyth Wilson
Cynwyl Gaeo, Llanfihangel Rhos-y-corn (Abergorlech area), Llansawel, Talley 2,106
Llandingat (St Dingad) with Myddfai1
  • Vicar: Ian Aveson
Llandovery, Myddfai 2,463
Llansadwrn (St Sadwrn) with Llanwrda and Manordeilo1
  • St David's Chapel, Llanwrda
  • St Cwrdaf, Llanwrda
  • St Sadwrn, Llansadwrn
  • St Paul, Manordeilo
  • Vicar: John Thomas
  • NSM: John Couch
  • NSM: David Thomas
Llansadwrn, Llanwrda, Manordeilo and Salem (Manordeilo area) 1,908

1Bro Dyfri Ministry Area

Archdeaconry of St David's[edit]

Deanery of Daugleddau[edit]

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Communities served Population served
Camrose (St Ishmael)1
  • St Ismael, Camrose
  • Priest-in-Charge: Vacant
Camrose 1,740
The Crymych Group
  • St Dogmael, Mynachlogddu
  • St Cledwyn, Llanglydwen
  • St Gwynio, Llanwinio
  • St Clydai, Clydey
  • St Brynach, Llanfyrnach
  • Priest-in-Charge: Jonathan Copus
Cilymaenllwyd, Clydau, Crymych (Llanfyrnach area), Llanwinio, Mynachlog-ddu (Mynachlogddu area) 3,022
Haverfordwest (St Martin) (St Mary)1 [16]
  • Priest-in-Charge: Nicholas Cale
  • Curate: Alun Evans
  • NSM: Heather Cale
  • NSM: Belinda Roberts
Haverfordwest (Castle, Garth, Portfield, Priory EDs), Merlin's Bridge 12,060
Llawhaden (St Aidan) with Bletherston and Uzmaston
  • St Ishmael, Uzmaston
  • St Aidan, Llawhaden
  • St Mary, Bletherston
  • Priest-in-Charge/Curate: Vacant
Llawhaden (Llawhaden area), New Moat (Bletherston area), Uzmaston, Boulston and Slebech, Wiston 2,370
Wiston (St Mary Magdalene) w Walton East & Clarbeston
  • St Mary, Walton East
  • St Mary Magdalene, Wiston
Prendergast (St David) with Rudbaxton1
  • St David, Haverfordwest
  • St Michael, Rudbaxton
  • Priest-in-Charge: Marianne Osborne
Haverfordwest (Prendergast ED), Rudbaxton 2,952
West Preseli
  • St Meilyr, Clarbeston Road
  • Vicar: Vacant
Maenclochog, Mynachlog-ddu (Llangolman area), New Moat (New Moat area), Puncheston (Henry's Moat area) 1,479
  • St Colman, Llangolman
  • St Brynach, Henry's Moat
  • St Mary, Maenclochog
  • St Nicholas, New Moat
Spittal (St Mary) w Trefgarn & Ambleston w St Dogwells
  • St Dogfael, Sealyham
  • St Mary, Spittal
  • St Michael, Treffgarne
  • Vicar: David Rees
Ambleston, Spittal, Wolfscastle (Treffgarne area) 1,197

1Haverfordwest Ministry Area

Deanery of Dewisland and Fishguard[edit]

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Communities served Population served
Dewisland (Cathedral of St David and St Andrew) [18]
  • Dean: Vacant
  • Team Vicar: Adrian Furse
  • Team Vicar: Leigh Richardson
  • Canon: Paul Mackness
  • NSM: Michael Plant
Brawdy, Llanrhian (Llanhywel area), St David's and the Cathedral Close, Solva 4,164
  • St David, Brawdy
  • St Hywel, Llanhywel
  • St Aidan, Upper Solva
  • St David, Whitchurch
Fishguard w Llanychar & Pontfaen w Morfil & Llanychlwydog
  • St David, Llanychaer
  • St Mary, Fishguard
  • St Brynach, Pontfaen
  • Vicar: Christopher Brown
  • Curate: Jonathan Parker
  • NSM: Jennifer Annis
Cwm Gwaun, Fishguard and Goodwick (Fishguard NW & NE EDs) 3,732
Letterston w Llanfair Nant-Y-Gof & Puncheston w Lt Newcastle etc
  • St Peter, Little Newcastle
  • St Mary, Trecwn
  • St Giles, Letterston
  • St Mary, Puncheston
  • NSM: Patricia Rogers
  • NSM: Richard Davies
  • NSM: Susan Barnett
Letterston, Puncheston (Puncheston area), Scleddau (Trecwn area) 1,867
Llanrhian & Mathry w Grandstone w St Nicholas & Jordanston
  • St Catherine, Grandston
  • St Nicholas, St Nicholas
  • St Cawrda, Jordanston
  • Holy Martyrs, Mathry
  • St Rhian, Llanrhian
  • Priest-in-Charge: Michael Rowlands
Llanrhian (Llanrhian area), Mathry, Pencaer (Granston area), Scleddau (Jordanston area) 1,593
Llanwnda and Goodwick with Manorowen and Llanstinan
  • St Gwyndaf, Llanwnda
  • St Peter's in the Church Hall, Goodwick
  • St Mary, Manorowen
  • Curate: Sarah Geach
  • Curate: Jonathan Parker
Fishguard and Goodwick (Goodwick ED), Pencaer (Llanwnda area), Scleddau (Manorowen area) 2,562

Deanery of Pembroke[edit]

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Communities served Population served
Begelly (St Mary) with Ludchurch and East Williamston
  • St Mary, Begelly
  • Priest-in-Charge: Caroline Mansell
  • Hon. Curate: Shirley Rayner
East Williamston, Kilgetty/Begelly (Kilgetty area), Lampeter Velfrey (Ludchurch area) 3,578
  • East Williamston Parish Church
  • St Elidyr, Ludchurch
Carew (St Mary) and Cosheston and Nash and Redberth [22]
  • Priest-in-Charge: Carolyn Wood
Carew, Cosheston 2,360
  • St Michael, Cosheston
  • St Mary, Nash
  • St Mary, Redberth
Jeffreyston (St Jeffrey) with Reynoldston and Loveston etc
  • St Caradog, Lawrenny
  • St James, Reynalton
  • St Jeffrey, Jeffreston
  • St Womar, Minwear
  • St Leonard, Loveston
  • Priest-in-Charge: Vacant
Jeffreyston, Kilgetty/Begelly (Reynalton area), Martletwy 2,275
Lampeter Velfrey (St Peter) and Llanddewi Velfrey etc
  • Priest-in-Charge: Philip Davies
Eglwyscummin (Eglwyscummin area), Lampeter Velfrey (Lampeter Velfrey area), Llanddewi Velfrey 1,212
Laugharne (St Martin) and Llansadwrnen and Pendine etc
  • St Martin, Laugharne
  • St Sadwrnen, Laugharne
  • St Margaret, Pendine
  • Priest-in-Charge: Christopher Lewis-Jenkins
Laugharne Township, Pendine 1,568
Manorbier (St James) and St Florence1
  • Priest-in-Charge: Alexandra Grace
Manorbier, St Florence 2,083
Monkton (St Nicholas and St John)
  • SS James & Elidyr, Stackpole
  • SS Faith & Tyfei, Lamphey
  • St David, Hundleton
  • SS Nicholas & John, Monkton
  • St Mary the Virgin, Pembroke
  • St Mary, Angle
  • St Michael, Bosherston
  • St Twynnell, St Twynnells
  • Priest-in-Charge: Peter Jones
  • Team Vicar: Josh Maynard
Angle, Hundleton, Lamphey, Pembroke, Stackpole and Castlemartin 10,272
Narberth (St Andrew) with Mounton with Robeston Wathen etc
  • Robeston Wathen Parish Church
  • St Andrew, Narberth
  • St John, Templeton
  • Priest-in-Charge: Martin Cox
Llawhaden (Robeston Wathen area), Narberth, Templeton 3,776
Pembroke Dock (St John) (St Patrick) (St Teilo)
  • St John, Pembroke Dock
  • St Teilo, Pembroke Dock
  • St Patrick, Pennar
  • Priest-in-Charge: Nicola Skipworth
  • NSM: Marina Evans
Pembroke Dock 9,753
St Issell's (St Issell) and Amroth with Crunwere and Marros
  • St Elidyr, Amroth
  • St Issell, St Issells
  • Priest-in-Charge: Vacant
Amroth, Saundersfoot 3,860
Tenby (St Mary) (St Julian's Chapel)1 [24]
  • Team Rector: Andrew Sidebottom
  • Team Vicar: Rob Wainwright
  • Curate: Joel Barder
  • NSM: John Morgan
Penally, St Mary Out Liberty, Tenby 6,406
  • St Anne, Tenby
  • St Julian's Chapel, Tenby
  • St Nicholas, Penally
  • St Lawrence, Tenby
Whitland (St Mary) with Cyffig and Henllan Amgoed etc
  • St Mary, Whitland
  • St Cyffig, Cyffig
  • St Tysilio, Llandysilio
  • St David, Clynderwen
  • Vicar: Kingsley Taylor
Clynderwen, Eglwyscummin (Cyffig area), Henllanfallteg, Llandissilio West, Whitland 3,933

1Caldey Ministry Area

Deanery of Roose[edit]

Benefice Churches Link Clergy Communities served Population served
Dale (St James) and St Brides with Marloes and Hasguard etc
  • St James, Dale
  • St Peter, Marloes
  • St Bridget, St Brides
  • St Ishmael, St Ishmaels
  • Priest-in-Charge: Andrew Johnson
  • NSM: Gaynor Ford
Dale, Marloes and St Brides, St Ishmael's 1,008
Hubberston (St David) (Holy Spirit) and Herbrandston
  • St Mary the Virgin, Herbrandston
  • St David, Hubberston
  • St Mary, Hakin
  • Holy Spirit, Hubberston
  • Incumbent: Andrew Bookless
Herbrandston, Milford Haven (Hakin & Hubberston EDs) 5,127
Llangwm (St Jerome) with Freystrop and Johnston
  • St Justinian, Lower Freystrop
  • St Peter, Johnston
  • St Jerome, Llangwm
  • Priest-in-Charge: Marcus Zipperlen
Freystrop, Hook, Johnston, Llangwm 4,277
Llanstadwel (St Tudwal) and Burton and Rosemarket
  • St Clement, Neyland
  • St Tudwall, Llanstadwell
  • St Mary, Burton
  • St Ishmael, Rosemarket
  • Priest-in-Charge: Alan Chadwick
  • Curate: Marc-Ashton Walford
  • NSM: Stephen Bessant
  • NSM: John Hancock
Burton, Llanstadwell, Neyland, Rosemarket 6,195
Milford Haven (St Katherine) (St Peter)
  • SS Katharine & Peter, Milford Haven
  • Vicar: Harri Williams
Milford Haven (Central, East, West EDs) 6,414
Nolton (St Madog) with Roch and St Lawrence with Ford etc
  • St Mary, Hayscastle
  • St Madog, Nolton Haven
  • St Mary, Roch
  • St Lawrence, Wolfscastle
  • Rector: Vacant
Hayscastle, Nolton and Roch, Wolfscastle (Wolfscastle area) 1,611
Steynton (St Cewydd and St Peter)
  • SS Cewydd & Peter, Steynton
  • NSM: John Cecil
Milford Haven (North ED) 2,763
Walton West (All Saints) with Talbenny and Haroldston West
  • St Madog, Haroldston West
  • St Mary, Little Haven
  • All Saints, Little Haven
  • Priest-in-Charge: Diana Hoare
The Havens 1,175
Walwyn's Castle (St James the Great) and Robeston West
  • St Andrew, Robeston West
  • St James the Great, Walwyn's Castle
  • Hon. Priest-in-Charge: Rhiannon Davies
Tiers Cross, Walwyn's Castle 937


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