Diocese of Tambov and Rasskazovo

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Diocese of Novgorod and Staraya Russa
Transfiguration Cathedral in Tambov, September 2007
Territory Tambov Oblast
Headquarters Tambov
Denomination Eastern Orthodox
Sui iuris church Russian Orthodox Church
Established 1682
Language Old Church Slavonic
Current leadership
Governance Eparchy
Bishop Fedosiy

Tambov and Rasskazovskaya Diocese (Russian: Тамбовская и Рассказовская епархия) is an eparchy of the Russian Orthodox Church. It combines parishes and monasteries in the Tambov Oblast. The main church is the Transfiguration Cathedral in Tambov.


Founded in 1682 by decree of Tsar Fedor Alekseevich the Patriarch Joachim. Originally the diocese included the city of Tambov, Kozlov and Borisoglebsk.

In 1699, the Tambov diocese was closed and placed under the jurisdiction of the Ryazan diocese from 1720 - Voronezh diocese, and since 1723 the Moscow Synodal Office. Manage such a vast and distant diocese through the Moscow Synod office was difficult, so again the question arose of placing self-bishop.

In 1758, by decree of Emperor of All Russia, Elizabeth the diocese was restored. Apart from Tambov and Kozlov in the diocese were: Dobry, Kerensky Narovchatov Upper and Lower Lomov and Troitsk. In 1764, the diocese entered the city: Penza, Borisoglebsk, InSAR, Moksha. Since 1779 the city added: Saransk, Morshansk, Kirsanov]], Ranenburg, Serdobsk and Chembar. The final borders of the diocese established in 1803. She did not come out of the administrative boundaries of the Tambov province, approved in 1796.

By the end of 1930 in Tambov diocese there is not one active parish. Restoring the diocese began in October 1943 when the first church was re-opened in the city of Tambov.