Diocese of Tiraspol and Dubăsari

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Diocese of Tiraspol and Dubăsari
Eparhia de Tiraspol și Dubăsari
Тираспольская и Дубоссарская епархия
Country Moldova
Territory Transnistria
Subdivisions 5 deaneries
Area 4,163 km2 (1,607 sq mi)
- Total

Cathedral Church of the Nativity
Current leadership
Bishop Sabbas (Volkov)

The Diocese of Tiraspol and Dubăsari (Russian: Тираспольская и Дубоссарская епархия, Tiraspolskaya i Dubossarskaya yeparkhiya, Romanian: Eparhia de Tiraspol și Dubăsari, Ukrainian: Тираспольська і Дубоссарська єпархія, Tyraspolska i Dubossarska yeparkhiya) is a diocese of the Moldovan Orthodox Church which covers the exact territory of Transnistria, Moldova. The newly built (1999) Christmas Church in the region's capital, Tiraspol, is the Mother Church of this diocese.

It is headed by Bishop Savva and supported by the Moscow Patriarchate.

The diocese was established on October 6, 1998, by the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church to organize the Orthodox Church in the breakaway Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.

As of 2010 the diocese consisted of 104 parishes and 2 monasteries served by 104 full-time priests and 14 deacons.

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Coordinates: 46°50′20″N 29°36′50″E / 46.8390°N 29.6140°E / 46.8390; 29.6140